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House Keywords

The following list is a brief collection of keywords that help define the mundane attributes of each house.

  1. Self-discovery, identity, inner order, uniqueness.
  2. What is valuable to self, primitive desires, shapes ego, builds personality.
  3. Refining actions and skills, selfish learning, communicating.
  4. Emotional attachments to family, recognizing authority, understanding resources, understanding peace and stability, class system.
  5. Playfully standing out, interacting to get what is needed, expressing self, following what is pleasurable, risk.
  6. Results of your actions, health or sickness, abundance or lack.
  7. Emotional attachment to others, expressing yourself to others, how others see you
  8. Emotional attachment, things you can’t control, death, birth, taking & giving.
  9. Education, technology, power through organizing, diplomacy.
  10. Mission, drive, passion, authority, dedication.
  11. Dreams, wishes, honor, legacy.
  12. Digestion, unwind, reset, fight, occult, unquenchable desires.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. Search the web for the mundane meanings of the houses and you’ll get dozens of locations that have fuller lists than this.

Expect this list to change in time for I’m sure I’ll get more insights that I won’t want to commit to memory, thus I’ll write them here.