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Ruling Planet Rules

Every sign has a ruling planet. Before man could see beyond Saturn, the planets that could be seen where duplicated amongst the signs. Thus, we have a traditional planet and a modern-day planet for a few of the signs.

Sign Modern Day Ruler Traditional Ruler
Aries Mars
Taurus Venus
Gemini Mercury
Cancer Moon
Leo Sun
Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus
Scorpio Pluto Mars
Sagittarius Jupiter
Capricorn Saturn
Aquarius Uranus Saturn
Pisces Neptune Jupiter


Here are some basic rules for the emotionally insensitive.

1. The rising sign determines the ruling planet.

2. Modern entities get the modern planet (almost every interpretation).

3. The location in the chart where the ruling planet is found has a large influence on the life of the entity.

Follow the ruler to find key points of interest. Idea: Find the chart ruler, see what sign it’s in and then find that sign’s ruler.

a. Continue this until you find a stand-alone planet in a standalone sign.

-> That single planet will play a significant role at some point.

b. Continue until you find a collection of planets in the same sign.

-> Look at the interaction of this collection for it will have a significant role at some point.

c. Continue until you find a loop of rulers.

-> Each planet in this loop will interact at different times to have a significant role.

4. When dealing with rulers derived from rulers, you want to look at how the transits trigger aspects to the natal for these rulers will have a higher impact regarding what the entity is sensitive too.


When following the ruler, search for more information about ‘sole dispositor’, ‘mutual reception’ and ‘interwoven influences’.