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Mundane Solar Return for Bitcoin 2018

Looking at a Solar Return is a great way to get a feeling for the types of influential energies that will come your way for the next year. This type of report covers the time period between your birthdays. The time that represents the Solar Return is the moment when the transiting Sun is directly over your birth Sun. It’s calculated, not at the place where you were born, but rather where you are on your birthday.

Because we can do this for a person, we should also be able to extrapolate this principle to organizations and social movements using the principles of mundane astrology.

A Solar Return for Bitcoin would represent the time between January 3 of the first year to January 3 of the next. Seeing that it’s now the middle of August 2018, we’re 2/3rds of our way through Bitcoin’s 2018 Solar Return. That means that the return that I’m going to review will be part historical and part forecast because we have more then four months remaining in the year.

The chart review is included below my conclusion. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did creating it.


There are some really strong configurations that are showing up for Bitcoin this year, both directed towards the leaders and those participating in the project.

The leaders of the Bitcoin community have energies of influence that drive them to work hard on the project as if behind the scenes while at the same time they will be seen as reasonably good managers. They will be seen as making progress towards their goals, the energies suggest forward progress. These leaders will be emotional, yet they will lean towards seeking peaceful resolutions to situations rather than confrontation. There is a strong hidden influence that will make them want to make transformational changes. At the same time, these transformative energies will be secretive or guarded. They will conducted business in private.

The people will be agitated and conflicted. They will feel taken advantage of and separated from the leadership of the project. The people will not understand what the leaders are doing and the leaders will not be able to convey what they are doing which creates fear and instability in the community. This is also amplified by another quincunx that directs the people’s attention to criminal activities. There are strong aspects of mis-communication or misunderstanding what is said between the leaders and the followers.

To this confusion, we add another conjunction of Jupiter and Mars which makes for explosive big moves. Jupiter rules money sitting in the house of money, the emotional impact will probably be about money, which we can clearly see transpired. Now we add the hard aspect to the Moon and the impact of the explosive money situation becomes an emotional in your face experience for the Bitcoin community members.

The condition of Uranus square Pluto will bring up the aspects of death or great loss. Things will be transformed in a way that will not be comfortable. The experiences will have that sick to your stomach kind of feeling (Saturn conjunct natal Pluto). The people will be transformed, the leaders of the community will be transformed the state of the project will change during this year.

Having watched the news headlines, I would say that the mundane association of the planets really are playing out for anyone that cares to look. It’s been a gut-wrenching experience for all those playing along. The leaders have stepped back and the focus has been on the criminal behavior that has turned the community hard.

The unfortunate part is that I’m not seeing where these energy patterns break. I guess I’ll have to look at some specific transits to see where these major conjunctions start to break down. When I do, I’ll write about what I find.

Now, if you want to know how I came to this conclusion, read on.

Analysis & Data

Here are the charts. The first one is the Bitcoin Natal chart, the second is the location of the planets during its last Solar Return.

It’s also interesting to treat Bitcoin like a person and run a Solar Return for it. Here is the Bitcoin Solar Return Report for 2018. When you read that report, you’ll have to project the personal human traits onto the Bitcoin community because the standard Solar Returns are personal reports rather than mundane.

What are we looking for?

When you interpret a Solar Return, you’re looking at the energies of influence that will be present for the entire year. Not only do you get to look at it as if it’s a one year natal, but you get to see transits to the birth natal.

When you look at this year’s return, there are a number of situations that stand out. There are some strong energetic conditions influencing this community, let’s take a look.

Aspects on the Solar Return Birthday

Capricorn Sun in 4th house

To start with, we have a Capricorn Sun in the 4th house. In this interpretation, the Sun represents the key leaders in the Bitcoin community. Not only does it rule those that have the ability to modify the code, but it rules the influencers and speakers that attend the conventions and make the decisions. The Capricorn traits should show them as being responsible, disciplined and relatively good managers. The energy brings the ability to make realistic plans and be able to actually lead the way. It’s a solid earth sign which should being the ability to manifest what they create.

Being in the 4th house, this energy will be directed towards building or growing the project. This house is associated with natural resources, peace, political stability, educational institutions, law & order along with communal harmony.

Looking just at the Sun, we are led to believe that the leaders of this movement have reasonable plans that they will be making progress on. We might also interpret that these energies will create a politically stable environment for the leaders.

But it doesn’t end here.

Capricorn Venus, Sun & Pluto Conjunction in the 4th house.

Now we bring in Venus. This planet brings in feminine and artistic qualities. Think artists, entertainers, musicians and peaceful resolutions to problems. Think social, for it brings that fluid connection at a distance that triggers emotions and feelings.

With this in mind, Pluto is added to the mix. Just on the far edge of a conjunction with the Sun, Pluto is going to bring up what’s hidden. It’s transformative and has links with that which is normally kept out of sight (and out of mind).

Looking at all three of these together, the energy would suggest that the leaders of the Bitcoin movement will want to seek peaceful resolutions to confrontational situations yet there will be a hidden desire to tap into the Pluto energy to cause transformation. The energy from Pluto should be tempered by the disciplined aspects of Capricorn. It’s as if the transformations are hidden and part of the plan both at the same time.

Leo Moon in 11th house

Moving across the chart, we see that the Moon is in the 11th house which is the house that is associated with councils, lawmakers, groups that make decisions, legislation and relationships with other groups. Knowing that the Moon represents the people participating in the Bitcoin movement, we should expect the people will start talking and debating amongst themselves on an emotional level. Picture the scene in a movie where the king and his knights are center stage explaining the situation to the peasants and you get those voices that rise up out of the crowd challenging the words of the king. It’s a situation where the masses question future plans in an emotional, rather than logical, way. Keep in mind that the crowd sits in Leo, thus we’ll see this questioning done with passion and enthusiasm. It will be loud and big hearted. The people will feel like they are helping, but the planets are not aligned for the feedback to be cooperative or helpful.

Why is this?

Moon Quincunx Venus, Sun & Pluto conjunction

The complication is that there is a Quincunx between the Moon and the Sun + Venus + Pluto conjunction. This is going to cause a feeling of separation between the leaders and the followers. The energy is such that when they talk, they will both approach the project from different angles and neither will really be able to hear what the other group wants or says.

To complicate this situation, we have…

Moon Quincunx Neptune in Pisces in the 6th house

Neptune is associated with left-wing political ideas like socialism and communism, while also being the planet that covers plots, fraud, illicit activities and loss. The 6th house deals with financial solvency at a national level, litigations, judicial functioning, labor unions, workers and employees. With all these areas, it also deals with sickness and epidemics. Being in Pisces, we have the compassionate, artistic, intuitive that is gentle, yet prone to being fearful or playing the victim.

The quincunx aspect between the Moon and Neptune will create a condition of not being able to understand what’s really going on, which will lead to situations where the negative emotions can take over. It could be really easy for the masses to feel like they are being taken for a ride or that there are illicit activities going on because they will not be able to understand what the leaders are saying – even though the leaders have good intent behind what they are working towards.

To complicate the two quincunx aspects, we have a square that will probably get right to the heart of it. But first, Mars and Jupiter.

Scorpio Mars and Jupiter Conjunct in 2nd house.

These two planets are nearly sitting on top of each other in the second house. This is the house of money. It’s all about the activities which make money, where it is kept (banks), the exchanges, financial institutions and trade. It is energy about financial stability, national income and strength of the currency.

With that as the backdrop, add Mars. This is a masculine energy that amplifies confrontation and opposition. It carries with it the willingness to fight, or burn it up. To this we add Jupiter which also rules wealth, the banks, bankers along with heads of state, teachers and money systems.

Then, we give this conjunction the traits found in Scorpio which at it’s best can be resourceful, brave, passionate and stubborn, and at it’s worst distrusting, jealous, secretive and violent.

Having Jupiter and Mars both in the house of money and Jupiter the planet that rules money, it makes sense that any issues where will probably be centered around money. I would expect that this conjunction is going to be loaded with explosive capabilities. The combination is one that will move things and make big impacts in the community.

Moon square Mars & Jupiter conjunction

The Mars + Jupiter conjunction is trine a Pisces Neptune in the 6th House

So, where does the complication come in? This conjunction is square the people (Moon) and it’s in trine (harmony) with Neptune. The masses that are feeling like they are being taken advantage of have this square energy amplifying the situation. The money aspects associated with the conjunction in the second house will probably not be smooth or happy. This energy is going to be amplified via the emotional Neptunian energy that feeds into the Mars + Jupiter conjunction.

The Mars & Jupiter conjunction is Sextile a Venus, Sun & Pluto conjunction in the 4th House and Capricorn which is Sextile Neptune in the 6th house.

Just when you think the situation is amped up enough, we get to bring in two Sextile situations. The energy from the Mars + Jupiter conjunction is going to resonate with the Venus + Sun + Pluto conjunction which in turn will resonate with Neptune. We have a resonate situation that will set things on edge.

Uranus Square Pluto

When it comes to the Solar Return Aspects, the last one that really stands out is a square between Pluto and Uranus.

I haven’t covered Uranus yet, it’s in the house of death. Its about how people die, public mortality, financial situations, foreign countries, accidents, delays, obstructions, etc. Uranus is also in Aries which can be short-tempered, impulsive and aggressive. Keep in mind that Uranus tends to rule technology and new scientific adventures. You could think of this planet as being a key player for any aspects that happen in the Bitcoin project.

With Pluto being the planet of transformation, we would expect the Uranus energies to be pushed over the edge. Look for obstructions, financial binds and complications, the feeling that things have died and that all this happens in an aggressive, impulsive way. I would expect that the feelings associated with great loss will be experienced.

Aspects to Natal

To look at these next aspects, it’s helpful to use a bi-wheel which shows the Bitcoin natal chart as the inner chart and Solar Return as the outer chart. I’ve provided that here.


You might see more, but there are a couple situations that stand out to me.

Saturn Conjunct Natal Pluto (within minutes) and Mars

For this year, Saturn is sitting on top of Bitcoin’s natal Pluto. Saturn is going to bring up lessons. It carries with it sickness, epidemics, funerals and anything that would cause public sadness. This energy is going to be coupled with the planet of transformation. Pluto brings in the energy of the underworld and all things hidden.

This combination will probably create a situation where people will feel sick to their stomachs with regards to the transformations that are occurring in this space. People could be sickened by discovering that there is organized crime in this space or that there is violence and death that happens just out of sight.

Saturn is also just barley in a conjunction with the natal Mars. Sticking with the theme from above that Saturn is bringing lessons, the Mars energy is going to make people fighting mad, or, it will make sure that the lessons land hard and fast. The transformation will be aggressive or confrontational.

In any case, this threesome is going to make it so the Bitcoin community will learn something about this space during the year. Those lessons may have a lasting impact.

Venus Conjunct Natal Sun

The aspect of Venus conjunct the natal Sun may help temper the Mars energy that is triggered by Saturn. This is a softer energy that will combine with the Sun which will act directly on the leaders of the community. They will probably be able to empathize with what’s happening in the community, yet they will still be disconnected.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun

Also, right on the fringe of a conjunction, we have the Solar Return Pluto conjunct the natal Sun. From this, we may find that new people will be standing up to help lead the Bitcoin community. We’ll probably see some type of transformation at the top. People that the community has been following for a long time may go silent or we’ll find that more outspoken people step up to replace them. We may find new leadership sometime during this year.


My conclusion is posted above, but keep in mind that it’s based on the above aspects. Please let me know if you see something in these charts that should have been included in this writeup that might change how I interpreted the energies directed towards the Bitcoin community for its Solar Return year of 2018


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