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Mundane Solar Return for Bitcoin 2019

As promised, this post is a mundane interpretation of the next Solar Return for Bitcoin. This Solar Return happens on the 4th of January, 2019 @ 4:40:37 AM centered over Greenwich, England.

The fun part about this interpretation is that it’s a bit more than four months from now. In the realm of crypto currencies, this is a relative lifetime. We should expect definite personality changes and new ways of looking at this entire technological area. Even though it’s four months out, keep in mind that when looking at Solar Returns, there will be a little build up to the return time that we should see unfold in late November up to the key date of January 4th.

What seems reasonable is to give you my conclusion and then follow that will how I came to this conclusion.

Let’s get to it.


The Solar Return suggests that Bitcoin Leaders will be seen as capable and responsible while being up against big challenges. We will probably witness situations where they will demonstrate that they have learned from their mistakes. This progress will probably be done in some grand kind of way. There are strong influences are coming through the 2nd house, so it’s all going to be about money. Pluto will bring in the darker, illicit activities, but more in the form of lessons learned. Maybe we’ll see the leaders create systems that defend against the criminal element that wants power in this system. In any case, the energies don’t come across as destructive, but rather constructive.

There are good aspects with Neptune and Jupiter indicating that the energy here should help, rather than hurt, the progress that the leaders are making. In some way, the leadership will feel like they’ve “brought it home”, or made it more personal. There may be the feeling that they did it with style or without conflict.

We might get to witness, or be entertained by, the hard aspects from Venus in the 12th house. Here, one would expect theatrics from, or related to, the criminal element that will create drama and financial loss for some – or a specific individual rather than the entire community. Overall, whatever this event is, it will have drama.

For the people playing along in the community, we have much lighter configurations and energy that will drive people to want to participate. There will be energy that drives speculation and the revisiting of past enthusiasm. People are going to be paying close attention to all information published about the project and they will get fired up. Everyone will probably have an opinion and be willing to fight. This fighting energy seems to be double amplified in the Solar Return transit of Mars. Not in a bad way, but think of this as the type of energy that you might experience after a major sporting event where the people line the streets and trash the environment because they are so excited. People will be willing to take risks and they will do it quickly. They will probably act on any information or rumors of information, but when they do, it will come with conflict.

The harder aspect between Uranus and Jupiter hints that people outside the Bitcoin community are going to see actions from the power elite that are going to try to influence the people in any way that they can so to continue the meme that Bitcoin is used by criminals. The positive aspects with the Moon suggest that the people will be able to see right through these activities.

Note that this is in contrast with the last Solar Return. If you look back at the last Solar Return, it had a couple conjunctions that had hard aspects to them and Quincunxes that created a dichotomy and opposing points of view.

Last year we saw criminal behavior that enraged community members and leaders alike. The hard aspects setup a condition where they could get away with it. Looking forward, the situation has changed so that these influences should not be a factor for anything other than entertainment and an emotional disturbance. Sure, people will get mad, but the negative influences that the disrupters had last year doesn’t exist into this next year.

Ok, that’s it. I know it was long, but it’s something I needed to work through – and share with you. Please let me know if you have insights to share on this or if there were any significant aspects that I missed out on.

Now, here is how I came to that conclusion.


Visuals please. This is the chart for the next Solar Return.


Also, it never hurts to run a Solar Return Report to see how the event would be interpreted as if Bitcoin where a person. Thus, here is the link to the Bitcoin Solar Return PDF file.

What are we looking for?

It’s always worth setting expectations with regards to what a report like this can do for us. So, what we want to look at is the energetic influences directed towards the leaders and community members looking specifically at the major characteristic that will be accentuated or agitated. We expect that there will be some buildup to the return date and then the major energies of influence will extend out for the bulk of the year. The Solar Return doesn’t give trigger dates like you would see in a transit report, so we’re looking for greater overall trends and influences.

Where do we find this info?

Let’s start with the Solar Return date aspects and then finish with a bi-wheel that will show the transit influences to birth natal at the end.

First, the Solar Return aspects.

Capricorn Sun in 2nd house Conjunct Saturn + Pluto

Here we have a strong conjunction setting up for the leaders of the Bitcoin community. Because we’re dealing with three planets in Capricorn, we could see the responsible, disciplined, good managers that we would want, or we could see the know-it-all, unforgiving and condescending behaviors that no one really favors. The Capricorn energy suggests that the activities that will be happening will be considered serious and that the people addressing these issues will have the ability to lead through them. This energy would suggest that the leaders will learn from their mistakes. Because we’re dealing with an Earth sign here, we’ll expect that the leaders will be stubborn with regards to their current tasks and they will have a hard time committing to or entertaining any far out ideas.

Saturn, being the ruling planet of Capricorn, should make this next year a learning experience for those that are guiding the community. It’s going to feel natural that at every turn, these people are going to feel like they are up against something big and that everything is a challenge. We may see situations where the influencers in the Bitcoin community will be a bit harsh or callus to criticism of their actions.

Keep in mind that the key part of this conjunction is related to the Sun. The Sun represents the leaders of the project. It is all the people that are in positions of leadership to make decisions on how the project moves forward. Those observing the Bitcoin community will witness these people in interviews, through tweets and other press releases. This energy is also extended to the big players or happy-go-lucky individuals that catch the public’s attention.

This conjunction is located in the 2nd house which deals with all things money related. Think of it as the house that influences all the big things that can happen with financial situations. For instance, it’s national wealth, banks, financial institutions, money markets, large scale trade, financial stability, strength of currency, etc.

In the conjunction, we see Pluto. This is a transformational planet that represents change and rebirth. This change is not limited to what can be seen, for Pluto tends to accent deep dark dirty things. This touches into the political underground, espionage, organized crime, great wealth and power, violence, death and secrets.

Just thinking of this one conjunction, the energies would suggest that the leaders of the community are in for some big lessons with regards to money on a grand scale. In harmonious situations, the leaders will be seen as capable. Under stress, they may come across as callus and cold. Whatever they do, it will be transformational but there is the high probability that we’ll see more signs of corruption at the top or more cases of organized crime from very capable people.

To this, we want to know the triggers are.

Sun sextile Neptune, semisextile Jupiter

Looking towards Neptune & Jupiter, we find that they are in supportive positions for the leaders and influencers.

Neptune represents left-wing political ideas along with plots, fraud, illicit activities, mobs, secret plots, sedition, bogus companies and so on. Along with that, Neptune is sitting in a water sign that is going to highlight emotional capacity. On the bright side, it’s artistic, wise, gentle and musical. On the darker side there is fear, sadness, escapism, victim, martyr and overly trusting. The Piscean energy is not going to like a know-it-all Capricorn or situations where things are overly critical. But it will tolerate responsible, disciplined leaders.

We find this energy in the 3rd house which represents all means by which people interact and communicate. Think of all forms of locomotion and just about all the different technologies that handle information transfer: internet, telephones, publications, etc.

Jupiter represents the energies that move religious and judicial leaders, priests, judges, etc. It also deals what wealth, banks, bankers, advisors, teachers etc. This energy is associated with excess in all these categories.

This energy is focused on the values of the 1st house which touches on the inhabitants of a country, their condition and prosperity, health, their general outlook, etc.

So, how might these two aspects to the leadership conjunction be interpreted? It would seem to me that both these aspects are going to work in harmony with what the leadership chooses to do and how they do it. The influences from Jupiter will keep the Bitcoin leadership engaged in matters of money on a grand scale along with keeping them connected with advisors and teachers that are able to interact in positive ways. The Neptunian energy is going to create situations where the leaders will be seen as getting along emotionally, or being seen as being gentler in their recorded interactions. The dealings that they will have with communication should go smoother than it did in the last Solar Return.

Sun Semisquare Venus

The one wildcard that acts on the Sun (Bitcoin Leadership) is the semisquare situation with Venus that’s on the edge of the 12th house. This house is associated with prisons, reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies, asylums, secret societies, the occult, financial loss, mishaps, wars and the like.

Venus brings with it a strong feminine energy that would be likened to artistic expression, sports, entertainment, cinema, diplomatic resolutions, etc.

The Semisquare energy that Venus brings to challenge the Sun may make for entertaining situations. The situations may be full of drama or they may be orchestrated, in either case, I would expect if we do see this play out, it will be associated with some type of criminal behavior that would involve financial loss or events that sent leaders to prison. Yet, I don’t really see any aggressive energy in the different aspects so far. It’s more like theater rather than death or loss.

So far, we’ve covered the leaders, where are the people?

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Uranus

The Moon is going to represent all the people that follow along in the Bitcoin community. For the upcoming year, the Moon is in the first house and its traits align with Sagittarius.

Keep in mind that the traits associated with Sagittarius are rooted in fire. Yet, it’s a generous, idealistic feeling that likes freedom and is willing to be philosophical. It brings open mindedness and the willingness to explore. It brings the energy of achieving your goals and accomplishing what you put your mind too.

If you remember from above, the first house deals with the people’s situations, prosperity and health. It represents people’s outlook on life along with law and order.

In the synergistic aspect, Uranus is in the 5th house and it’s retrograde. This is the house of public entertainment and pleasure. It’s sports, speculation, gambling and the like. It’s also associated with elites, dignitaries and people with power. It rules the stock exchange, investments, morals and values of the people. The retrograde movement will probably bring back feelings from the past aligned to this speculative type of energy.

Can’t forget the Aries aspect of Uranus. On the positive side we have confident, enthusiastic and optimistic energy. On the downside, we have impatient, moody and aggressive influences.

So far, the people are put in a position where they are probably going to feel good about their situations. They will probably be willing to explore more about what Bitcoin means and feel that there is an essence of speculation or sport about the situation. There may even be stories that come up about the past that inspire people to get more involved. There may be a heightened sense of speculation from this aspect.

Moon conjunct Mercury Square Mars

The one situation that may stir up the pot a little is Mercury and it’s square with Mars. Mercury deals with all energies associated with communication. It brings messenger energy. It covers propaganda, news, reporters, trade, strategists, advisors and intellect. It also has traits that suggest that it may promise more than it can deliver, it’s idealistic or off-the-wall with the theories.

This is going to be triggered by Mars. If you remember, Mars brings with it militaristic or police actions type of energy. It brings strikes, conflicts, disputes, war, etc. These energies are combined with the 4th house which brings in resources and what you can do with those resources. Being in Aries, it will make everything feel more energetic, turbulent, dynamic and impulsive.

Bringing the two aspects together leads me to believe that there will be a sting in the news reports that the people of the community read. Or, as they follow the information,  the community will be emotionally charged which may make the situation feel turbulent, dynamic or somewhat out of control.

Now, we tuck this aspect in to make Mercury conjunct the Moon and we should get the idea that the people will be directly tied to the activities of Mercury over the next year. It’s all going to be about the communication which will be on fire in a hard kind of way. Knowing that Mercury is a fast-moving planet, the aspect that it’s making here will probably be something that comes and goes over and over again throughout the year taking the people in and out of the hard aspect. When Mercury is not triggered by Mars, the people will probably be feeling pretty good about their situations. When Mars triggers it, they will probably want to run for the hills and take cover.

More observations

Another thing worth noting is that all the planets, with the exception of Venus, are all on the bottom of the chart in houses 1-5. This is the area that deals with personal identity and expression. Jupiter, the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, the Sun, Pluto and Neptune are all in areas that represent who and what bitcoin is. It’s as if both the leaders and the followers are really going to be able to identify with what bitcoin is in the coming year. Mars and Uranus fall into the expression areas where Mars brings up the forceful energy and Uranus is going to be stuck on reliving the past.

Now that the stage is set, are their aspects to the natal that are worth pointing out?

Aspects to birth chart

Finding the aspects to the natal chart for Bitcoin is a little more challenging. To do this, we’ll start with a bi-wheel that has the natal chart on the inside and the Solar Return on the outside. Unfortunately, the number of aspects is ridiculously high, thus I’ve reduced the aspects down to very tight orbs.

Solar Return Saturn conjunct natal Sun

The energy associated with Saturn brings with it lessons. They are usually hard lessons that manifest through funerals, sickness or anything that revolves around death. It’s connected with the mineral world and the extraction of energy. There could also be aspects of servitude or being forced to be submissive.

Since we’re dealing with the Sun, we should look towards the leaders or influencers of the Bitcoin movement to be challenged and have to deal with hard issues, but because this is a conjunction rather then square, they will most likely get through the events, but they probably won’t be happy about them.

This activity is also sitting in the 6th house, which deals with national services, civil service, trade unions, relationships with neighbors, general health, litigations, judicial functioning, etc.

With this in mind, I would expect that the leaders are going to have to deal with situations that arise in all these different areas. We might see the leaders faced with situations where they have to work with different groups, which might be hard for them to adjust too, or that they may have to give up some of their hard-core philosophies which could make them feel sick about what they have done. Yet, this aspect should come across in a relatively positive way.

Solar Return Mars conjunct natal Moon

When we look at how the people in the community will see things, the natal Moon, which sits in the 9th house that deals with shipping, aerospace, commerce, international communications, religious organizations, universities, scientific institutions and publications. The community’s awareness of these types of issues will be amplified by Mars which might bring in that energy of wanting to fight, or the willingness to fight for the cause. Keep in mind that Mars is associated with soldiers, police, opposition forces, strikes and conflict.

The good news in this conjunction is that the people will be amped up with the Mars energy, but it should be viewed in a positive way. The conjunction helps energize the people into action and participation, but probably not to the point of rioting or going on strike which would indicate opposition to the situation.

Solar Return Moon square Natal Saturn

As we saw above, the Solar Return Moon brings with it the energy from the 5th house regarding gambling or the desire to take risks. This is in a hard aspect with Saturn which is about lessons and it’s in the house of communication or news.

I would expect that the Bitcoin community still has some lessons to learn about gambling in this space. Seeing that the Solar Return Moon in in Sagittarius, the people in the community might once again fall for projects that don’t deliver what they claim, or they will fall into situations where they are just not patient enough. They will be amped up from Mars, hopefully, they can keep their thoughts and emotions in check.

Solar Return Uranus Square Natal Jupiter

This is a nearly exact square and it will remain that way well into the year. To review, the natal Jupiter is in the 6th house with deals with health, civil service, workers, employees, political stability, financial solvency, communal harmony, etc. Being Jupiter, the participants should be leaders and influencers along with people in positions to judge or fund projects. High level diplomacy would also fall into this energy category. To be clear, the leaders represented by Jupiter are those that have power but that power is outside the Bitcoin community.

The hard aspect comes from Uranus in the 10th house. This house is all about the people in power. People with authority, royalty, fame, etc. It’s about the bigger aspects of trade, credit, foreign trade, law and order.

The square is going to bring these Uranian influences in, in a big way. The energy doesn’t seem to be directed towards the leaders nor the community members themselves. It’s as if this energy would come in to influence everyone else. It’s also worth noting that Uranus is retrograde in the Solar Return hinting that the energies may not be new and creative, but rather rehashed from the past. This might suggest that the leaders and long-time community members will see right through these influences.

Keep in mind that Uranus rules over technologies and Jupiter rules money. This is an aspect that we should watch throughout the year.

Solar Return Mars Square Natal Pluto

This Solar Return Mars energy should also amp up the transformational energy that Pluto brings in the 5th house. If you remember, that 5th house is all about speculation and gambling. This will probably bring up that fighting energy towards making the transformation and making it now. Being a hard aspect, this transformation will come at a cost. It will be interesting to find out what the cost will be.

Solar Return Moon Sextile Natal Neptune

The Natal Neptune, which is associated with plots, fraud, illicit activities along with left-wing political ideas sits in the house of foreign affairs, marriage/divorce, pleasure, amusement, business establishments, etc. is being activated by the Solar Return Moon that sits in the house of speculation and gambling.

It would seem that this energy will help the people of the community find connections to, or feel connected to the activities that Bitcoin is involved in. It could come across as if people will feel married to their projects and feel a sense of responsibility for them. People may start to really feel connected to what’s going on.

Solar Return Neptune Sextile Natal Sun

In this situation, Neptune is setup to influence the leaders of the community for the year. Being in the eight house, it will bring in energy of delays and obstructions, accidents, capital gains, wild weather, etc. Remember, Uranian energy comes in as secret plots, sedition, fraud, swindling and what not.

So, once again, we have this illicit energy influencing the leaders of the community. The good part is that it’s a positive aspect indicating that the leaders may react emotionally about it, but they will probably recognize it and defend against it rather then getting rolled over by it.

Solar Return Mars Sextile Natal Mercury

And finally, the Aries Mars is in a perfect sextile with the natal Mercury. Mercury is the messenger. It deals with all forms of communication. It’s in the 6th house dealing with national services, general health, political stability, etc.

This aspect would suggest that the information associated with this project will be hot and heavy. It will most likely be seen as positive news particularly form scientific institutions, professors, universities and other intellectual professionals.


It seems like the heavy aspects that we experienced last year have lightened up a lot. If you see any aspects that would change how I should have interpreted the situation, feel free to share.

Over the year, I expect that there will be some major transits worth writing about. If you can think of any, please let me know.


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