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Inferior Solar Conjunction of Venus

We are at the end, and beginning, of another cycle with Venus. Today, we are at the darkest point where we get to evaluate our feelings with respect to the things that are happening in our lives. Particularly, it is the opportunity to really feel what is valuable and what serves your current understanding.

This same introspection is happening to the greater mass consciousness at the same time.

On the global scale, today, October 26th, 2018, is the day to reflect on all the global events that stir you emotionally to see how they make you feel. Are you agitated? Comforted? Neutral? Venus is helping you transform those feelings right now.

Yet, astrological observations suggest that the energies of the next cycle will not really be seen until 10 days from now. It is at that point that we’ll get a feeling for the energies that will be around for the next four years for us to experience.

Keep in mind that is ‘real’ and what we ‘feel’ are two different things. We have an opperturnity to bring these together over the next couple days before we see what happens in 10 days.

The following is my notes that I used in the video.


Time Frame:

Enters 20 Oct 2018 2:10:33 am EDT
Inferior Conjunction Is Exact 26 Oct 2018 10:16:02 am EDT in Scorpio
Leaves 31 Oct 2018 10:40:17 am EDT
Enters 8 Jul 2019 5:09:33 pm EDT
Superior Conjunction Is Exact 14 Aug 2019 2:07:15 am EDT in Leo
Leaves 12 Sep 2019 9:06:22 am EDT
Enters 28 May 2020 3:53:51 am EDT
Inferior Conjunction Is Exact 3 Jun 2020 1:43:29 pm EDT in Gemini
Leaves 8 Jun 2020 4:07:11 pm EDT
Enters 13 Feb 2021 2:50:43 pm EST
Superior Conjunction Is Exact 26 Mar 2021 1:57:34 am EST in Aries
Leaves 26 Apr 2021 4:40:03 am EST
Enters 2 Jan 2022 2:21:39 pm EST
Inferior Conjunction Is Exact 8 Jan 2022 7:47:21 pm EST in Capricorn
Leaves 13 Jan 2022 6:44:25 pm EST

…The Inferior Conjunction of Venus happens when Venus is exactly orbiting between our Earth and our Sun, and so it symbolizes the meaning of a NEW VENUS much like a New Moon in our life…

…Within the five pointed star formed by the Venus retrograde cycle, we experience a Full Venus four years after a New Venus close to the same day and zodiac degree…


  • Inferior / superior Venus:When it comes to Venus, similar considerations may be envisaged but in the sphere of feelings and values rather than mental activity.


…Additionally, phenomenon of Venus occur in steps of thirty-six days or in multiples of thirty-six. Maximum brightness occurs thirty-six days after the inferior conjunction; the next step, maximum elongation occurs thirty-six days later; and the superior conjunction occurs 216 days (or 6 x 36 days) after maximum elongation…

Inferior Conjunction on the 26th, thus 36 days later we have Dec 1st.

Too Early to predict?

…We are not yet certain as the discovery process continues, yet the Inferior conjunction marks the beginning of the new Venus cycle. But do we know yet what the nature of that new cycle is? No, it is too early yet. We will need to wait and see what is being birthed in us for if its given a chance, it will emerge organically, without effort on our part…


What does it mean?

What does this mean: . . . when Venus moves into the exact conjunction with the sun, midway during its retrograde period, there is a symbolic and psychological descent into the deepest part of the soul and the psyche. We often find the reality of our lives far distant from the ideal we carry in our psyche. The Ideal and the Real are a natural split in the Aphrodite archetype, and dialectic springs up during the retrograde cycle. During the hieros gamos – sacred marriage  – of Venus and the sun, an archetype arises that we experience personally, and the point in the horoscope where this inferior conjunction occurs is the hint to what is being transformed and will be born when Venus rises again, and is visible (about 10 days after the station direct, at heliacal rising).

Through our hearts and in the most secret and sacred realms of our being, a renewal of our relationships and priorities in relating becomes very active. Indeed, even as Venus stations retrograde, twenty days before the conjunction, this spiritual and magical collusion of Real and Ideal begins to shimmer. And can feel like a tremor or an earthquake, depending on the personal relationship in your chart that Venus is highlighting . . . it will be revisiting the same house as it was in eight years ago, and back on eight years and so on . . .

What can we expect?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Inferior Solar Conjunction of Venus

  1. Hi Dave how wonderful to experience the Oneness between us across the Atlantic. The conjunction in the Gene Keys/I Ching system took place in GK28 which is about Immortality. My feeling having spent the first week of this conjunction immersed in Global Oneness Day is that our perception of the Oneness of all and our ability to bring about positive change within that is enhancing. We are upping our ability to transfigure the collective shadow and all the violence and problems in the world.

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