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DigiByte Astrological Influences for First Block

I was recently asked if I could do a deep dive into the astrological influences on the DigiByte cryptocurrency in order to see what types of influences this entity comes in with. I have found it to be a very rich chart and it has given me a new-found respect for what it is that they are trying to accomplish.

Keep in mind that this is a mundane interpretation of the planets for the first processed block. The location was assumed (not confirmed), thus everything here could be a wrong as daytime is dark.

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As always, the summary comes first followed by the research. Enjoy,



At its heart, we have an entity that is fully capable at thinking in a progressive way. When it makes promises, it’s going to fight to make sure that it keeps them. The deep-down motivation shows signs that what comes up from the heart stems from a sensitive understanding of what it’s like to be hurt. It’s like the drive to get things done is amplified because it truly understands what the hurt is that it is striving to overcome. It’s as if it wants to prevent anyone else from having to experience the same pain.

The leadership comes with a deeper than usual understanding of the darker undertones in life and that understanding drives their decision making. They will think through what has already been done, learn from their mistakes and trim out what doesn’t serve them. They will be seen as elegant, artistic and, generally, lovable as they work to transform the world.

The biggest drawback towards accomplishing their goals is their reluctance to speak up about what they are doing and how they are doing it. It might seem that when they do speak up, it’s all about the nasty dark things that they are addressing which could make them seem conspiratorial.

The people are in a position to respect what they are doing. They fall into a harmonious position with regards to how they see the authority and they can see how this project will function. The users of this project will be a great source of confidence for the leaders.

The entity clearly values technology and will fight to uphold all the aspects of it, for it values it highly. It will use technology in creative and useful ways to reach its goals which tend towards supporting a free-market system and independence.

Politically, this entity fully understands left-wing ideals but values right-wing ideals.

This entity is a fighter and it will be challenged. It is the type that will fight for the underdog and do so in a balanced way. It will be seen as courageous, but not from the theatric sense, but rather from the sense of survival. It will be seen to be willing to work night and day in order to make progress towards its goals which is really about educating the world about how you can use its technology to save the world.

Money is on the mind of the leaders in a big way. This will probably create a situation where the traditional money managers will work to create resistance. The resistance that comes from the banking system will be up against the technology supported by this entity and a personality that is willing to stand to the death to support the cause.

There are lots of places that will trigger this entity into action for the energies of opposition are found in multiple locations. I would recommend watching to see what agitates Uranus because that should trigger the fighter in the chart. Also look to see what crosses Jupiter for that is direct opposition to what the leaders do.

Ultimately, there is a very strong influence to make large transformations and to fight at all costs to make them happen. They are very confident in their own capabilities and know they need to educate people on how to use what they’ve developed. It’s all about following the new rules and regulations which the people will find challenging, yet rewarding.


First transaction timestamp is Jan 10th, 2014 2:27:56 pm UT.

After a little research, I found that the founder lives in the Austin, Texas area. Austin is UTC-6, thus the local time for the first transaction mined would be:

Jan 10th, 2014 8:27:56 am CT

Thus, we have the information that we need to run a chart.


The first thing that stands out is that we have a solid square and three oppositions. This will be a dynamic chart full of conflict, action, transformation and invention. These squares and opposing situations are dissident which will probably make this entity a fighter, or bring out energies of having to fight for what is needed. Let’s look at the details before drawing conclusions.

Supporting data:

DigiByte Cosmo Natal

DigiByte Natal Wheel (what’s above)

DigiByte Data

Based on standard mundane astrology understandings, let’s work around this chart to see that personality traits stand out.

Around the Clock

Aquarius rising.

The rising sign is going to help define the fundamental characteristics of the identity of this entity. Aquarians are thinkers that are progressive. They will stand up and fight for a cause, be a good listener and enjoy intellectual conversations. They can be temperamental and aloof, but don’t like being lonely. They don’t like broken promises or things that are boring.

When evaluating the things that this entity does, we should expect to see that whatever it is, it will be well thought out and be geared towards being helpful. Through its actions, we should see planning which includes promises that the entity intends to keep.

Neptune in Pisces in the 1st house conjunct Juno.

The next collection of influences come in under the characteristics of Pisces. This is a water sign that is compassionate, gentle, wise and artistic. It is an energy that has a strong attachment to the artistic aspects of human expression. It is an emotional and sensitive sign that doesn’t like any type of cruelty or being criticized.

Neptune represents the elements of life that correspond to most things that are fluid – the sea, navy, shipping, water, alcohol, etc. It also represents socialism, charities, hospitals, fraud and deception. On the darker side, sedition, secret plots, swindling, illicit undertakings, bogus companies and mobs.

Juno is the asteroid of commitments. It is the feminine energy behind women’s rights, rage, inferiority complexes, betrayal and inequality. Being in Pisces and conjunct Neptune, we’ll probably see that there is an understanding regarding subtle manipulation, victimization and issues with dealing with reality.

Next to this is Chiron, the wounded healer which deals with spiritual growth. Chiron shows where the suffering is or were the wounds are. Being in Pisces, it’s going to show that there is always a crisis that will create opportunities for clarity.

At the root of the identity of this entity, we have a progressive, independent intellectual force that has a deeper understanding of the political left along with the types of problems that come through drug abuse. There can be a deep sensitivity to those that are wounded or have been hurt, or scarred deeply. It should have a good understanding of manipulation and the subtle signs that go with it. There are also wounds that go deep that shape how the entity approaches life for the victim energy is always in the center of things.

Uranus in Aries in the 2nd house.

The fighting spirit of Aries dominates the aspects of the 2nd house. Aries is the fighter. It brings with it, courage and determination, but also a short-tempered and aggressive behavior. Uranus represents transformation and regeneration through metaphysical pursuits. It also covers right-wing political, free market ideals, the urge towards individualism, scientific breakthroughs, discovers, explosions and electricity. In a general way, this planet rules the technology that enables cryptocurrencies.

The 2nd house is all about that the entity values, or finds valuable. It also shows the primitive desires and the behaviors that produce the desired impact.

Uranus is opposed by Mars will create explosive situations. The square to Pluto will make this entity extremely restless and impatient. They may deal with stressful situations with force and anger rather then diplomacy. The square to Jupiter could push them into legal disagreements or into fights about money.

Right on the edge of this house sits Eris which is the dark goddess of strife and discord. This asteroid brings with it a no-holds-barred attitude that you have to fight to survive for it’s a eat or be eaten world.

Wrapping this all together shows that this entity has a very strong fighting spirit to the point of consuming what it needs to in order to get what it values. When it does, it will be violent or aggressive or the activity will happen suddenly.

South Node in Taurus in 3rd house.

The grounded, responsible, stable, yet uncompromising traits of Taurus dominate the 3rd house. This is the house that deals with selfish learning and refinements that improve your ability to get what you value in the 2nd house. This is about communicating your skills and talents as well as doing that it takes to get better.

This is where the South Node sits. The South Node is where the entity feels comfortable. It is where it finds its inner strength or where it goes to relax. This would indicate that there is a strong belief that “I can do this” with this entity. This would manifest as self-confidence in that it has the ability to learn and adapt.

Moon in Taurus in 3rd house.

The Moon, representing the people and where their attention is drawn, is in this earthy sign of Taurus. Like with the South Node, the masses will generally see this crypto as being one that adapts and evolves. It will also be seen as being stable, reliable, practical and of high quality. The masses will be sensitive to what’s going on and will expect to experience tactile results. They will want to ‘live’ this coin rather then just intellectualize about it.

The people are aligned in a favorable way to the leadership showing that there is a harmonistic understanding. The people are also closely linked into the results of the project hinting that there is a favorable connection to the abundance, should that come through.

Jupiter in Cancer in 6th house.

The next sign that we get to look at is Cancer. Here we find a loyal, sympathetic, persuasive personality that can be suspicious and manipulative or insecure. The planet brings with it the influences of money, legal system, judges, banks, bankers and priests. Jupiter brings great amounts or issues with all things that happen in all these areas. The 6th house deals with the results of your actions, your health or sickness, your lack or abundance.

This is the last house that really describes the root characteristics of this entity and this Jupiter energy is going to suggest that there will be a lot of results. It seems to suggest that what is produced, will be produced in abundance.

The complication is that this energy is opposed by Pluto. This could setup situations where fortunes can be made and then lots rather easily. There could be risk taking behavior when it comes to money or it could be that you’re able to act upon secrets that others done, which would be an influence form the retrograde Jupiter.

The square Mars energy suggests that there will be a strong desire to succeed in a big way. There will be the willingness to make calculated or educated risks that will feed into a sense of luck, yet it will probably be seen as growing pains or how the entity grows.

Pallas in Virgo in 7th house.

Pallas in Virgo is going to provide an analytical energy that will help this entity get to the bottom of its relations in a practical, matter of fact way. There will be a natural ability to discriminate between what is useful and what is not.

Mars in Libra in 8th house.

Here we have three different influences coming out of the sign of Libra which is a fair-minded, diplomatic, cooperative type of energy. Libra dislikes violence or injustice or having to conform to the norm. The 8th house has to do with being put in emotional situations what you’re forced to have to deal with. It’s the house of lessons, death and larger scale social movements like wars.

The first influence comes from Mars which is that masculine energy of violence, aggression, competition and the will to succeed. It’s tempered by Libra which suggests that this entity may fight for the underdog, or fight for justice. Being in the 8th house suggests that the fighting energy the is at the root of this entity will be fair-minded in how it fights to help the underdog in situations that are out of control or emotionally disturbing. It’s like there is an unjust war taking place that this entity will step up to defend everyone that it loves.

We do have to consider that Uranus is in an opposing position that will probably make the engagements that this entity involved in dynamic and explosive. Because Uranus is all about technology, the weapon that this entity brings to the battle might be technical. The square to Pluto is going to bring out a relentless drive that will empower this entity to stick with it until the goal is achieved and there will be a deep reservoir of energy to drive this passion. The square to Jupiter will bring in the energies to succeed in a big way. It will be driven, be willing to take risks and set goals that few others would even think about doing which they could actually accomplish. Jupiter will drive healthy competition and even drive this entity on to newer, even bigger projects.

Vesta in Libra in 8th house.

Vesta is also in the 8th house which is all about focus and dedication bring into focus mental clarity. This is going to amplify the desire to find balance within and with others. It’s also about diplomacy and compromise. Yet, this influence is almost perfectly opposed by Eris which is the asteroid of chaos. I would expect that Eris, because it comes from Aries, will constantly bring complications to this entity that will force the need for diplomacy and tact. Eris is energy from darker influences which brings in sinister challenges.

Ceres in Libra in 9th house.

In Libra, but in the next house, we find Ceres which bring in a motherly energy. This energy is about taking care of things and it’s focused in the house of high technology and education. This house is about how you organize and use the people around you to reach your goals. It is about how you organize your environment in order to realize your power. Ceres here would suggest that this entity will take a very pragmatic approach to taking care of all the people that are needed in order for it to be successful.

North node in Scorpio in 9th house.

Next, we come to Scorpio which is brave, resourceful and really does commit to being your friend, yet at the same time they can be distrusting, jealous and secretive. They like the facts and they love being right. The North Node show where this entity is trying to get to in order to realize its purpose. Seeing that it’s in the 9th house, it will feel that the more this entity educates the public, the better it’s chances of success are.

Saturn in Scorpio in 9th house.

To complicate things, Saturn is also in the 9th house. This is the planet of lessons, restrictions and boundaries. The influences from this planet tend to diminish the ability of the house that it falls in because it restricts what happens there. Think, rules, regulations, structure, formalities that are setup as obstacles that will need to be overcome. Fortunately, it’s in a harmonious aspect with the leadership of the project which suggests that they will be able to use rules and regulations in their favor, but it’s in opposition to the people of the project. The people will most likely get worked up about the rules and regulations or simply not be aligned to them.

Pluto in Capricorn in 12th house.

The last real collection of influences come from the influences of Capricorn. Capricorn people are seen as good managers, disciplined and responsible. They are committed to quality craftsmanship and know what lasts. They can be condescending, or gloomy but will learn from their mistakes. The 12th house is all about reevaluating what works and what doesn’t in order to set yourself up for the next things in life. It is the house where deep introspection as to what is important and what isn’t takes place. This house is also linked to the occult and unquenchable desires. This house would represent the aspects of things in your life that you want so bad and you’re willing to go anything about it in order to bring it into reality. It’s a fight or die type of house.

The first planet that we find there is Pluto, which will feel right at home. The influences here bring up all the aspects of underworld activity and understanding. It is about hidden societies, transformation, dictatorship and secret police. Being in the 12th house and Capricorn hints that the type of transformation that will take place through the activity of this entity will be done in a very disciplined or responsible way. How things change and why will be well thought out and most likely planned. Because of the square to Mars, there will be passion in its activities to make the transformations. And, because it’s also square to Uranus, technology will also be at the root of these transformation. Expect the changes to be rough while being a surprise at the same time.

If you remember from above, Pluto being opposed by Jupiter is probably going to bring up the aspect of creating and loosening fortunes, but that will simply be part of the process.

Sun in Capricorn in 12th house.

The Sun, the area of focus and the leaders of this entity have their energy set in the 12th house which will probably make them seem a little more desperate with how they approach their work. They may feel like they have to make decisions from the point of view that this is humanities last chance to get it right. Or, we’re all dead if this doesn’t work. It brings in a desperation approach that will help fuel getting results now.

Venus in Capricorn in 12th house.

Having a Sun Venus conjunction is going to create a situation where everyone is going to love the leaders. Venus is that artistic energy of beauty, fashion, luxury, creativity and being in a situation with the sun will most likely project those characteristics into what they do. It sets up a situation where they can actually contribute elegant things into society.

Seeing that this conjunction is directly opposed by Jupiter, it’s either go big or go home. The leaders are setup directly to challenge the bankers, the banking system and to challenge the in-place paradigm around justice. Fortunately, the people will see the leadership in a favorable light or, at least, be able to understand and relate to what they are doing.

Mercury in Capricorn in 12th house.

Mercury, the planet that is all about communication, is unfortunately in the 12th house. Situated here, it stifles the ability of the entity to speak up and let everyone know what’s on its mind. There might be a ton of information to talk about, but it’s really shy about making that happen. It’s like it can’t add color to its thoughts or description to their words.

Things to Notice

The Sun Venus conjunction is in a ‘T’ with Vesta and Eris. I would expect this aspect to bring up situations what will challenge the leader’s ability to be diplomatic in chaotic situations. Eris will be the chaos, Vesta sits in the house indicating that it will seem ‘out of control’ and the leaders are in the house of having to digest what just happened.

The squares that go around the house are going to work to keep this entity from sleeping. There will always be something ticking that will get the focus of the leaders that drive them to react. These reactions will be aggressive and explosive.

There are tree strong oppositions which shows there will be lots of challenges for this entity. It will not live a normal or humdrum life. It will aggressively stand up for issues or against issues from all different angles.

Final Summary

The way you can help refine this astrological reading is to follow along and comment you DigiByte makes the news. Specifically, when it does important things or when things happen to it that are outside it’s control. When you do, we’ll have a historical record that we’ll be able to use in order to better refine what types of aspects truly effect this entity.

With that, I hope you enjoyed this report as much as I did creating it. As always, if you see something in the chart that you want to add, feel free to comment.


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