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Election Post Mortem – Brief Thoughts

Anyone looking up statistics regarding the 2018 US midterm elections will see that the democrats won control of the house and the republicans gained seats in the senate.

As the news unfolded, in real time, the mood that played out on main stream media was celebratory for the democrats and subdued for the republicans. Yet, as the eastern polls closed, the press coverage turned more serious. Anyone watching could feel the reporters emotional state change, particularly when the count of republican senators increased which was not what they were expecting.

As the hours continued, the spectacle overflowed to the ceremonial handing off of the gavel from the republican speaker of the house to the democrat. This transfer of power seemed to be overshadowed by the stepping down of the Attorney General. Again, another power position changing hands that could be emotionally impacting to all following along.

Because astrology is going to show us the emotional influences that are in play, I went to Google to get a sample of the main stream media reporting that I could use as a sample. Here is a link that they show in the top collection of selections: Six Takeaways From the Midterms. You could consider that a sampling of the democratic point of view.

Because the same organization seems to be censoring politically right content, I had to dig around a little to find content that would show what is now unfolding for those that are aligned more right.

I would love to see what you dig up (please comment below), but it’s looking to me that the democratic party was excited in the immediate hours following the election, but the enthusiasm seems to be fading.

Likewise, via the gain of strength in the senate and, oddly enough, the removing of the Attorney General sees to have sparked a new fire on the right that they had not expected.

If you look back on the Election Day Astrology – What’s Your Take article, you’ll notice that the energies that are active now show that the republican party will be energized and feel like they can continue to do their work. At the same time, there would be obstacles in the way of the democratic party that will make is hard for them to have much more than an emotional experience.

As this all unfolds you’ll want to notice that Jupiter just moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius, thus the abundance of darker things that Scorpio brought into focus may now fade away so that there will be a more open information exchange while Jupiter is in this new sign. Keep in mind that the darker side of Jupiter in Sagittarius can bring up a sense of impatience, promises to deliver that cant be fulfilled and very undiplomatic actions.

At the start, Mars will be square Jupiter until the 20th of November, thus expect some nasty, divisive energy in abundance that we’ll all be subject too.


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