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Energies up & through the New Moon January 5th 2019

A few months ago I was impressed that I needed to write about the planets as if they where notes in a celestial musical cord. To help with this process, I modified my AstroMap software to help me find the cords so that they could be interpreted.

The basic idea behind the building of the cords is that conjunctions are considered the area of focus or the central location of the note. From that point, any planet that aspects the conjunction is considered an accent to the major focus and is included in the grouping that defines the cord. All other multi-planet aspects that do not directly interact with a conjunction are listed afterwards so as to show the side stories, or side notes, that are playing out.

With this in mind, the target for this first report is the New Moon on January 5-6th of 2019. And, as always, I provide the summary first, followed by the computer-generated data that was used to make the interpretation.


Summary of Major Aspect Groups

Sun (15°) & Moon (15°) & Saturn (12°) & Pluto (21°) Conjunct in Capricorn

– Juno in Taurus (21°) Trine (~120°) Sun Pluto
– Uranus(R) in Aries (29°) Square (~90°) Pluto
– Pallas in Libra (23°) Square (~90°) Pluto
– Eris(R) in Aries (23°) Square (~90°) Pluto

At the time of the New Moon, the key restrictions of the conjunction between Saturn and the Sun will have peaked and be waning. The conjunction with Pluto will just be starting and waxing until the 10th-11th when the nearly perfect Sun Pluto conjunction will be opposed by Lilith. As the Sun compresses towards its perfect conjunction with Pluto, agitation will come from the Uranus Eris conjunction which will still be waning until April.

If you look at the map, you’ll see that Mercury is also in Capricorn and Mars is in Aries. Everything here seems to be leaning towards square agitation between Capricorn and Aries.

Because we are dealing with the Sun, we’re talking about national leaders and people in power. All those people in positions of power will be on edge. From the public’s point of view, we’re going to see bad Capricorn behavior from them which will be condescending and unforgiving. They may act irresponsibly, without discipline or self-control. I would expect the leaders to use any form of delay and restriction that they can get out of Saturn before that conjunction fully breaks down.

Why is this? Well, Pluto brings up what is hidden. It divulges secrets. It is the planet that brings transformation through detection. Pluto is also supported by Juno through its trine from Taurus. Juno is a softer feminine energy that is all about faithfulness and loyalty. It brings things together with the sole purpose of working through experiences. Juno in a practical asteroid in a grounded sign which will amplify the manifestation abilities that the Pluto energy brings in for the leaders to experience.

Looking at where the real power comes from to help with the changes, we look towards Aries. This sign is the courageous, confident fighter that’s going to get things done. This brings that explosive, rebellious, aspect of Uranus which is all about riots, upheaval, unruly events and the support of Right-Wing political ideal into focus. An added complication is that Uranus will be standing still in order to move direct between Jan 2nd to 10th. The focus of 28.36 degrees Aries will bring a strong focus into the future regarding what’s coming and where things need to go. Eris, is the spirit of trouble through chaos. It goes to great lengths to make sure everyone is uncomfortable with the situation. It accentuates lawlessness, disputes, forgetfulness, deceit and just about everything that people bicker or squabble about.

To add to this, we have Pallas in Libra which is going to want to force balance and harmony into the equation, yet, this is a square which can bring out the indecisive energy which limits the overall impact. Keep in mind that this is the female warrior which is more cerebral than Mars. This is the asteroid that is linked to knowing what’s right without having to be told and she’s coming into the equation to force the fight for justice.

After the Sun Pluto conjunction on the 11th, Mercury compresses to Saturn which should amplify the restrictions on communication bring up an environment where the people will be left in the dark as to what is exactly happening for a short period of time. Shortly thereafter, the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries hinting that the people will be willing to fight again if only for a moment (Wed the 12th). By the 18th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto suggesting that what has been transformed will be in the news or front and center so that it can be talked about.

This is a relatively short situation that should play out through January.

Uranus(R) (29°) & Eris(R) (23°) Conjunct in Aries

– Pluto in Capricorn (21°) Square (~90°) Conjunction
– Pallas in Libra (23°) Opposition (~180°) Conjunction
– Mercury in Capricorn (1°) Trine (~120°) Uranus(R)
– Venus in Scorpio (29°) Quincunx (~150°) Uranus(R)
– Ceres in Scorpio (23°) Quincunx (~150°) Eris(R)

The Uranus and Eris conjunction has been in play for a long time now. The perfect conjunction transpired in March of 2017 and has been waning ever since. A key thing to notice for this Full Moon is that both Uranus and Eris are standing still preparing to turn direct again. From Uranus, the degree that it’s turning on represents a time of deeper contemplation that drives people to look further towards the future. From Eris, it’s on a degree which highlights anything government related. Being an asteroid of confusion, disarray and discord, we might expect the government to be subject to this devious energy for a while longer.

For the details, Uranus is about scientific discoveries, inventions, explosions, anarchy, rebellion, unrest and right-wing political ideals, expect all this to be amplified and talked about. Mercury has just entered Capricorn which will shine it’s influence of communication towards Uranus in a favorable way from the 1st right up to the point of the New Moon.

Pallas, directly opposing both Uranus and Eris, is linked to legal battles and justice. It is in a fighting position or at direct odds with the conjunction. This energy should bring in the cerebral aspects of the battle as strategy and tact. Coming from Libra, Pallas is going to want to see harmony and balance, yet have to fight to make that happen. This aspect is worth paying attention to because as Uranus turns direct and Pallas comes back in its retrograde, the opposition lasts well into April. This energy should continue to build into February for on the 13th of February, Mars will conjunct Uranus and Pallas will be in opposition to both as it stands to turn retrograde. This should amplify the alt-right political people into a situation of just doing what is right or fighting to get people to do what is right.

But that’s not all. Pluto will be square this conjunction throughout 2019. Knowing that Pluto deals with the revelation of secrets and all hidden matters, we have a dissident situation that should fester in the background for a long time. Looking specifically towards the New Moon, Pluto should work in a disciplined way, or in a very controlled and deliberate way, to agitate the explosive, rebellious, deceitful and lawless nature of the right-wing political people around the world.

Sitting in a quincunx position to the conjunction, we find both Venus and Ceres. With Venus, the transit is only a couple days long. With Ceres, it’s a 10 days peaking at the New Moon. What’s fun about this aspect is that it is an aspect of pleasure turning into pain and it’s in a sign that does not like dishonesty, or the revealing of secrets. Well, everything about this aspect is about revealing secrets and fighting for what is known to be just and right. As Venus rolls from Scorpio into Sagittarius, which happens at this New Moon, expect the emotional confusion to really get fired up – if only for a brief period of time during the ingress.

On the Ceres side of the quincunx. We have a very strong feminine energy that is nurturing. This asteroid is in the position of not being able to understand why the right-wing political people are revolting or not being able to understand why the petty – at your throats – type of behavior is happening. This may suggest travel backups at way stations between the 1st through about the 12th of January. This could play out as confusion and delays in travel.

Ceres in Scorpio (23°) Opposition (~180°) Juno in Taurus (21°)

– Vesta in Aquarius (17°) Square (~90°) Ceres Juno
– Sun in Capricorn (15°) Trine (~120°) Juno
– Pluto in Capricorn (21°) Trine (~120°) Juno
– Chiron in Pisces (28°) Trine (~120°) Ceres
– Pallas in Libra (23°) Quincunx (~150°) Juno
– Eris(R) in Aries (23°) Quincunx (~150°) Ceres

Another aspect that seems to be playing out mostly between the asteroids is the Ceres Juno Opposition. Remember that Ceres is the energy of nurturing and it’s in a sign that honors deep relationships, true friendships and can be passionate and determined. Juno represents the energies regarding how you are faithful or loyal. Juno comes from an earth sign that is sensual, tactile and determined. Yet these two energies are in opposition. Note that the time period for this opposition stretches from mid-December to the start of April (all winter).

This opposition will bring out emotions in the range of: grief, unbearable loss, depression, deprivation, spousal abuse, powerlessness, rage, unfairness, betrayal and bitterness.

Note that the Sun and Pluto are both trine Juno which will link the leaders to loyalty issues or tests of their faith.

We also bring in Chiron which represents the idea that there is growth through suffering or pain leads to spiritual growth. Chiron sits in a water sign suggesting that there will be compassion with regards to the pain. This trine lasts from the end of December to nearly the end of February which aligns to the idea that social workers, doctors, nurses and the medicine field will all be drawn into action in some form or another. We may hear more about overall sickness until this aspect dissolves.

During this time, the Pallas Juno Quincunx, which is highlighted up to the New Moon, brings up a diplomatic fight between what is known to be just and where the loyalties lie. This is a feminine energy where diplomacy will be tested. This energy could suggest misunderstandings in diplomatic procedures.

We also have a period of time where Eris should be able to really create havoc through quarrelling, discord and strife in situations where the people that are debating really don’t understand what they are doing or why.

This aspect seems to outline a period of time where the feminine energy, which is normally passive in the background, will be given the opportunity to be diplomatic, but the results will feel more like loss than gain. It’s as if women are given the opportunity to rule yet the situation just turns emotional and everyone cries.

Venus in Scorpio (29°) Trine (~120°) Chiron in Pisces (28°)

– Mercury in Capricorn (1°) Square (~90°) Chiron

Here we have a transit that plays out from the 1st of January until about the 10th. It is a trine situation which allows the energies to flow harmoniously. Venus is in a sign that accentuates assertiveness and decisiveness and it deals with things like money, transactions, shopping, art, music and other feminine based activities. Chiron is in a sign that accentuates compassion, intuitiveness and a desire to escape reality. This asteroid is also connected with teachers, counselors, gurus, philosophers and it wants to highlight the principles that guide the human spirit.

With this trine, we have a hard aspect with Mercury that is waning suggesting that this transit may not make the news, but it will affect how we feel about the situations that unfold.

Overall, this transit may suggest that the divine feminine will be called upon to provide some sympathy regarding that pain that is unfolding but it will be see as good progress or lessons that lead to spiritual advancement.

Pallas in Libra (23°) Trine (~120°) Vesta in Aquarius (17°)

– Pluto in Capricorn (21°) Square (~90°) Pallas
– Ceres in Scorpio (23°) Square (~90°) Vesta
– Juno in Taurus (21°) Square (~90°) Vesta

Here we have another asteroid collection that’s going to sing for a few months. The shortest aspect is the trine set for 51 days and the longest aspect is with Pluto for 144 days. The two squares with Vesta last about 90 days. Pluto is waning, but the other energy is building into late January and should dissolve come spring.

The key architypes are feminine with the innate ability to get things done. Keep in mind that Pallas is the energy that just knows, without having to be told, what is right and just. Being in Libra, we should see this it working towards bringing balance to situations in a non-confrontational way. There is synergetic support with Vesta which is an energy wants to bring out the purest potential in a situation as it influences full focus on committing to what’s at hand. Vesta is going to want to create an energy that will feed holding your ground and wanting to talk out problems.

The agitation comes from three places. The desire to fight is going to be enhanced as Pluto creates dissidence with Pallas from Capricorn. This will probably color the vision so as to bring the worst things into focus. Seeing that this energy has peaked, but still near that peak, people may find it hard to see the good in others or other situations. Knowing that Pluto brings up those deep dark secrets so they can be transformed and that Pallas is the energy of intuitively knowing what is just and true, we should expect this time to be a time of discover and recognition regarding right and wrong.

The energy from Ceres is going to accentuate and remind us how much we don’t like drama and the lies that are associated with it. This energy is all about the energy that we put into growing things and how much we don’t like this process being disturbed. When disturbed, it brings out the emotional fire of instant karma. Expect this energy to challenge people with regards to what they are devoting their time to as well as bringing up feelings of grief and depression around friendships and the underlying theme of secrets revealed.

The Juno square is going to bring up for evaluation the aspects of loyalty, particularly to those that are more sensual, sensitive and inherently loyal. This can create situations where one may feel powerless, inferior, submissive or bitter. Being up against Vesta, it really brings into focus the aspect of home and everyday family life.

Being predominately slow-moving feminine planets, these energies should be relatively low level throughout the winter creating a focus on family life and the intimate relationship that is associated with that. It will challenge a re-evaluation of what drives your loyalty for that intuitive feeling of just knowing what is right and wrong will surface giving everyone the opportunity to fight for what is right.

Mercury in Capricorn (1°) Square (~90°) Mars in Aries (3°)

Working towards the New Moon, the words that people use are going to get a little sharper. The masculine energy of Mars will show through in how people communicate. This is a transit that peaks right at the New Moon so that challenge will be short lived. Even though this masculine energy comes and goes fairly quickly, the topic is all around the family, tradition for Mercury is in Capricorn. Mars is in Aries so it’s going to naturally be confrontational and unforgiving. The issues within the family structures that have been festering will most likely surface in order to be addressed. I would expect that this powerful energy will overflow into the feminine asteroid structure which is more emotional that lasts throughout the winter. Once we get through the New Moon, it should be clear what types of energies will fester in the background throughout the winter.

Jupiter in Sagittarius (13°) Square (~90°) Neptune in Pisces (14°)

This Jupiter Neptune square pushes to its peak on January 13th and then goes into a waning cycle that lasts through most of 2019. I would expect that this energy will push hard for the next two weeks to expose something or until it hits the breaking point, and then we have to live with the effects for the rest of the year.

Considering that these are two highly influential planets, we should see something fairly big unfold. Keep in mind that Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius which makes us look closely at its core characteristics of freedom, generosity and idealistic thinking. The good luck associated with this planet is being challenged on an emotional level from Neptune. Neptune is also naturally at home in Pisces which accentuates human sensitivities and psychic abilities. Being in an agitated situation, people are going want to escape the situations of pain for there is emotional fear, sadness and victimization that should play out here.

On the grander scale, Jupiter tends to represent the judicial and religious systems. This brings up issues for the upper-class folks to have to deal with. Jupiter is about wealth, the banking system, wealth and the corresponding legal proceedings. It also brings in the advisers that goes with these systems. Neptune is linked with left-wing political ideas, covert plots, fraud, illicit activities and sedition.

The square aspect, or the discord that we should see playout in this area peaks in January and then lingers throughout the rest of the year. Keep in mind here that Neptune is closely linked to psychic abilities which can suggest that people will feel what is going on here on a deep subconscious level even if they don’t see it on the physical level.

In Conclusion

This New Moon conjunction is going to set the stage for the transit of Mars through Aries which happens throughout the month of January. Peaking at a conjunction of Uranus in mid-February.

I am looking forward to watching these situations unfold. If you want to follow along too, subscribe to the mailing list and I’ll send you notifications as things unfold over the next few weeks.


Link to report used to build the interpretation from: Report for January 6th, 2019.

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