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Energies of the Full Moon

With the idea of looking a couple weeks ahead, this report is going to look at the mundane energies that start at the full moon in order to get a sneak peek at what’s coming our way on March 6th. Keep in mind that on the 6th, Uranus transitions into Taurus at the point where the Sun Neptune and Vesta align. Mercury slips into retrograde and Lilith will have transited the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

Yet, on the full moon, the planets setup a sequence of aspects that pretty much play out all the way to the new moon on March 6th.

Here is my take on the overall energies.


So, what does this all mean?

When I look at the aspects that are playing out over the next few weeks, I see a period of time where mistakes will be uncovered and the people will be given an opportunity to learn from them. There is an undertone of energy that suggests that the people have neglected their responsibilities and now we are going to have to face that which has been hidden and suppressed for it will be brought out in the open.

The energies seem to highlight cultural affairs or social activities which have not been handled in a level-headed way.

This period of time will be marked by episodes of strife and discord or even moments of lawlessness. There is a potential for political, economic or social upheaval or for situations to escalate quickly and without control. Look for eastern US and Venezuela to be in the news in emotional ways.

This is also a period of time where the imagination can really take off. We shouldn’t be surprised if there is a movie or show that comes out that captures everyone’s attention. It is hinted at as being imaginative in very dark ways. Think psychic, astral plane type of stories or activities that are otherworldly. Something that feeds on dark energy.

Look for the headlines that come out somewhere around the 13th to show or hint at that’s really going to play out for the next couple weeks. Keywords to look for will include family issues, self-abuse and intimacy issues.

When it comes to the political aspects there are energies that point to activities in the high courts, legal proceedings and judges. The energy suggests that the people involved will be politicians, advisors and heads of state but not the actual leaders. It’s as if they are the second level that represents the high society players that are always just out of sight. The energies that play through here deal with loyalty, unfairness and overall loss of power.

One thing to keep your eye on is the story that is playing out regarding the supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The energy is ripe to crack open discovery here which would have an emotional impact on both the left and right political parties.

Moving on to politics in the UK, the energy of the Mercury Neptune Vesta conjunction hints that something is brewing here that will become more of the center story come mid to late March. The Sun joins the conjunction showing that it will be directly related to the ruling leadership. Keep in mind here that words like betrayal, inequality and loss of power play out here too.

The long-lasting Uranus Eris conjunction is breaking down. This is going to bring up a sense of optimism for the political right will see progress being made in a practical, methodical way.

We want to take note of southern California and Utah. The energies suggest that there are relationship issues that will come out into the open so they can be re-evaluated and processed by the masses. It’s like there are relationships on the chopping block and impurities in the situation that must be addressed. For things to grow, the impurities need to be stripped out. If we get to witness the activities, it will most likely come across as being unpleasant. Suffering and injustice come into play. The idea is spiritual growth through pain.

All this seems rather exciting, but humanity is getting numb to all the activities that are unfolding all around the world. All this activity will be unfolding during a waning phase of the moon which hints that it will not be watched like a super bowl, but rather seen as a sideshow.

The good news is that issues will be coming up so that they can be addressed. Let’s thank Chiron for that.

If you would like to see how I came to this conclusion, you are welcome to continue reading.


February 19th, 2019 – the Full Moon.

The first aspect that is worth investigating is the Saturn Pluto conjunction and the associated aspects.

Venus (18°) & Saturn (17°) & Pluto (22°) Conjunct in Capricorn

To recap a little, seeing that this aspect is playing out in Capricorn, we expect an earthly influence of the responsible, disciplined, tradition supporting family man type of energy to filter through all these planets. As time progresses, it’s most likely going to show us how we can learn from our mistakes but it’s also going to make it hard for people to accept other people’s differences.

Looking at the core of it, Saturn has always been about restriction and limitations, seeing that it’s up against Pluto makes me think we might see more of an energy that comes to teach us lessons and to bring up responsibilities that have been neglected. Knowing that Pluto is about regeneration, transformation and detection about things that are hidden or have been hidden, I would expect that we are all going to have to face that which has been hidden for a long time. Remember, Pluto rules hidden societies, violence, secret police and just about anything that is suppressed out of existence.

As this energy builds, we have Venus coming along to point out that it’s about what we value. Venus wants to remind us about cultural affairs, social activities, art, fashion and glamour. It takes money for this. It takes being human for this. More specifically, being in Capricorn, Venus will probably accentuate issues associated with the family, tradition and quality workmanship.

Combining the three energies together, we find the opportunity to be diplomatic with regards to hidden family issues by following reasonable regulations. It could also be that things that we need to take responsibility for come up so as to be addressed in a level-headed way.

Yet, to find out the details, we look at the other accent influences which turn out to be hard aspects.

– Eris in Aries (23°) Square (~90°) Saturn Pluto

Even though Venus is asking for diplomacy, this square from Eris suggests that there will be a lot of discord and strife associated with the time period. Being in Aries, Eris is going to come on strong, it will bring out the confident, enthusiastic element to really stirring things up. One might expect moody impatience to come into play. Keep in mind that Eris is all about trouble, toil, lawlessness, ruin and the rejoicing in these energies as they arise.

This may suggest that as Pluto Saturn and Venus bring up cultural issues that need to be resolved, Eris is here to make sure it doesn’t happen smoothly.

– Uranus in Aries (29°) Square (~90°) Pluto

This conjunction is also in a hard aspect with Uranus which can make the situation explosive. The thing that stands out to me here is that this energy is linked to anarchy, rebellion, unrest, upheaval, strikes and riots suggesting that the situation has the potential of escalating quickly. Yet, this square is sharper against Pluto, suggesting that this energy is focused towards what is hidden or the dark things that are held deep inside that no one dares talk about. … So, let’s move on.

– Pallas in Libra (29°) Square (~90°) Pluto

On the full moon, Pallas is hours away from turning retrograde. The Yellow Vest movement that has been working its way across Europe may not be done yet. Pallas is the female warrior energy that is a blend of Mars and Jupiter. It is the warrior’s skill, mixed with intellect and an unlimited abundance of energy to back it up. It brings out the fight for what is just. Expect legal battles, honor to be challenged and strategy. There is also a strong intuitive energy that is in play with Pallas.

– Location

In order to look closer at what might play out during the two weeks that lead to the new moon, we want to look at the highlighted area. As it turns out, the Pluto Saturn Venus conjunction plays out mid-Capricorn. The direct area is south central China, Vietnam, central Malaysia and through Jakarta Indonesia, the point of opposition is just off the east coast of the US, over southern Cuba and Venezuela.

With this in mind, I get the feeling that we’re going to hear more about Venezuela in the news. I would expect that we’re going to get some really good dirt regarding secrets, secret police, mafia, organized crime and what not. Also knowing that Washington DC was triggered by the last eclipse, we might find that there are political ties into Venezuela that could be seen as explosive. Even if the news doesn’t bring up Venezuela, I would expect to hear something about the Dominican Republic or maybe even Puerto Rico.

At the same time, Saturn is going to make it all seem long and drawn out by placing restrictions or limitations on what can be done and how fast.

Now that we know what is being transformed, what’s going to be talked about? To look at that, let’s see what Mercury is up too and what aspect are playing up against it.

Mercury (16°) & Neptune (16°) & Vesta (9°) Conjunct in Pisces

This full moon brings a perfect conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. This sign is going to accentuate the more emotional aspects that we should find from the energies associated with both these planets. If this were a clean conjunction, we would expect the gentle, intuitive aspects to prevail. Yet, if you look below, there are four aspects that are all square this conjunction and Vesta stands out being the key player.

Recapping on Mercury, the energies here are related to the intellect and communication. Mercury helps point out where the mental energy is going to be spent. In this case, it’s conjunct Neptune which is psychic abilities and unbounded imagination. Or, looking at this simply, it’s the flow of emotions on the human level. When this energy is considered more broadly, we see that it’s linked to socialism, communism and anything left leaning. It’s about fraud, plots, illicit activities, sedition and what not.

Being on the 16th degree of Pisces, we should find that this degree helps bring together the psychic and the practical in a way that shows compassion.

This all hints that there could be something that pops up to be talked about that is from the realm of the imagination, or it’s something that is more of a psychic type of event. Or, if we look at politics, we might find that left leaning organizations may find this period where the moon is waning to be extra emotional. There could be more talk on socialism or on fraud, yet we can expect it to be mental in nature.

Now, what about Vesta? As you can see by the degree, Vesta is compressing into the conjunction which will be near perfect come the new moon. This suggests that whatever Vesta brings to the table it’s going to become more pronounced as the moon wanes towards the 6th of March.

The energy associated with Vesta is based around devotion. It is the energy of ‘the perfect wife’. It is tactile and sensual, yet in a way that says fully committed to the task at hand. It is sisterly, value oriented, simple and pure. Yet, the devotion is such a key trait that if it’s not well aspected, the emotion can swing wildly towards fear of intimacy, family issues, self-abuse, insecurity and promiscuity.

Looking back towards the Venus Saturn Pluto conjunction that hints about the uncovering of suppressed family type issues, Vesta, will have a perfect conjunction with Mercury on the 13th which may start the communication about the key issues that will be talked about, yet it probably won’t come to a head until the full moon comes and goes. We’re going to want to keep our eyes open for the key headlines on Wednesday the 13th.

Let’s see what color the aspects bring.

– Jupiter in Sagittarius (21°) Square (~90°) Neptune

As we all know, Jupiter has been accentuating the drive for freedom and the love for freedom as the is it stationed in Sagittarius. It also can bring out idealistic ways of thinking that creation situations where results are just out of reach.

The energies associated with Jupiter are tied to high courts, legal proceedings, judges, religious leaders, royalty, the upper class, wealth, banking, higher learning, advisors and the heads of state.

Seeing that Jupiter is square Neptune, we should expect emotional issues to play out in all these areas. We would want to link together socialistic ideas and legal proceedings, or, more importantly, key upper-class folks like politicians, advisors and heads of state.

– Ceres in Sagittarius (7°) Square (~90°) Vesta

– Dk Mn Lilith in Sagittarius (10°) Square (~90°) Vesta

Also playing out in Sagittarius, we have both Ceres and the Dark Moon Lilith. Ceres is a motherly energy that is all about nurturing, growing or taking care of things. It is linked to the home, garden and waypoints when traveling. This goes to the gut both physically and emotionally. The thing to look out for here is the energy from a hard aspect that brings up the mother scorned. This brings grief, withdrawal, loss, hunger and immediate retribution to those that hard others.

The Dark Moon Lilith comes through to trigger Ceres so as to agitate Vesta. Keeping in mind that the Dark Moon Lilith has dominion over the astral plane of existence, it is very likely that what we get to see from this square with Vesta that a day later becomes a square with Neptune will be from the darker aspects of the imagination. This architype is also linked to children, so what Pluto is out there to uncover, Lilith will stir some fire up in it.

– Juno in Gemini (3°) Square (~90°) Vesta

From the other side, Vesta is activated by Juno which is tied to issues of loyalty and long-term bonds. This asteroid brings things together so issues can be addressed. In hard aspects, it can bring out the worst regarding unfairness, betrayal, inequality, spousal abuse and the overall loss of power. Coming from Gemini, whatever the darkness is that is exposed will be quickly talked about and effort will be put into explaining what’s going on to others.

– Location

The direct location for this conjunction is in the western Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea. The point of opposition is western Africa, Portugal, Spain and much of the United Kingdom. Even though the energy is off the coast of western Europe, as we move towards the middle of March, we get a tighter interaction of the Sun, Mercury and Vesta in the last part of Pisces which brings up the opposition point over the UK.

As a side note, the Sun is all about the leaders indicating that come mid-March the focus could be on the leadership in the UK. Also, Mercury will be retrograde for the entire month showing that the leadership there is coming back to revisit issues of the past that they are given the opportunity to address once again. I’m looking forwards to writing about the last couple weeks of March because Lilith transitions the Neptune Vesta Mercury conjunction as the Sun transits into Aries to conjunct Chiron.

So, back to this Neptune Mercury Vesta conjunction in Pisces. Putting all this energy together with what has been in the news and what is coming up, I would expect that there is going to be a lot of emotional talk about socialistic topics. If we’re lucky, we might get distracted by some really interesting psychic thriller that comes to a theater near you, but it would be a thriller with dark undertones rather then a make you feel good imaginative adventure.

The asteroids involved here show that people are going to be challenged with devotional issues that also involved loyalty and nurturing. There is still a drive for freedom as an under-riding force and infidelity. On the darker side, children could be involved in ways that don’t make you feel good.

The next attribute is one that has been playing out for a long time so it only gets covered briefly.

Uranus (29°) & Eris (23°) Conjunct in Aries
– Pluto in Capricorn (22°) Square (~90°) Conjunction
– Pallas in Libra (29°) Opposition (~180°) Conjunction
– Moon in Virgo (1°) Trine (~120°) Uranus
– Jupiter in Sagittarius (21°) Trine (~120°) Eris
– Saturn in Capricorn (17°) Square (~90°) Eris

This configuration has been playing out for a long time now. It has been one of the key driving forces with regards to the fight from the political right that we see online and in the news. We have Pallas bringing in the energy to fight for what is just and right. We have Jupiter bringing in the fight for freedom with abundance. We have Saturn bringing up restrictions and limitations at every turn.

The one thing that is new for this full moon is that the Moon is in Virgo in trine to Uranus. This is going to create a condition where the people will see progress being made in a practical, methodical way. The people will see things as be compartmentalized and ordered which brings up a more optimistic feeling.

Overall, the overall fight for individualism is strong and full of chaos, but the chaos is weakening and come the new moon on the 6th, we’ll see Uranus transition into Taurus bringing real results to the fight for individualism.

We have another conjunction that is short lived, but meaningful.

Ceres (7°) & Dk Mn Lilith (10°) Conjunct in Sagittarius
– Vesta in Pisces (9°) Square (~90°) Conjunction
– Chiron in Aries (0°) Trine (~120°) Ceres
– Juno in Gemini (3°) Opposition (~180°) Ceres

One day before the full moon, we get a perfect conjunction of the Dark Moon Lilith and Ceres in Sagittarius. This is going to highlight the things that we nurture and care for along with accentuating creative ways to break free or to help things grow. Being trine Chiron, we get the better aspects of the wounded healer or the spiritual understandings coming through to help. It brings learning through doing. Juno is in opposition which again puts relationships on the chopping block for re-evaluation. The square from Vesta will highlight the impurities of the situation.

The opposition point for Ceres and the Dark Moon Lilith plays out in southern California and Utah. The direct point is Pakistan and Afghanistan. Keep your eyes open in these areas to see if you can catch news that is directly related to this configuration.

Now to the actual full moon.

Sun in Pisces (1°) Opposition (~180°) Moon in Virgo (1°)

The Sun Moon dynamic is playing out on 1 degree in both Pisces and Virgo. For the Sun, it indicates that the leaders are on a highly intuitive degree that allows them to help others. It is quick moving and full of awareness. For the Moon, it highlights a tendency towards criticism of others and a strict attention to details. And, as with all full moon configurations, this is the opposition of the male/female energies and the most extreme point of opposition between leadership and the masses.

Now, what are the details for this full moon?

– Juno in Gemini (3°) Square (~90°) Sun Moon
– Mars in Taurus (4°) Trine (~120°) Moon
– Uranus in Aries (29°) Trine (~120°) Moon
– Chiron in Aries (0°) Quincunx (~150°) Moon
– Pallas in Libra (29°) Trine (~120°) Sun

Juno should bring in energy that brings things together so they can be worked out. Because this is a square, expect the issue to be unpleasant. Mars is here to support the people in that it will bring out the brave, courageous energy that empowers people to stand up and make them want to fight. Uranus brings out the rebel and allows for sudden explosive actions. Pallas is going to make the people want to fight for what is just. Chiron brings in an energy showing that the people won’t be able to immediately see what the leaders are doing or bring out a feeling that there is fundamental disagreement between the leaders and the people.

The last minor aspect for the full moon comes from Chiron which is transitioning into Aries.

Chiron in Aries (0°) Quincunx (~150°) Pallas in Libra (29°)

This aspect is a minor one but it plays out nearly to the new moon which means the energy here plays out during the entire waning of the moon cycle. The interesting part is that Chiron has just changed from Pisces to Aries like it did last April. This time, on its next retrograde, it will remain in Aries showing that it’s here to fight for a while (next seven years). In a courageous way, it brings that fundamental idea that spiritual growth happens through suffering.

Seeing that this minor aspect is quincunx Pallas, the suffering over the next few weeks might be related to injustice.

– Sun in Pisces (1°) Trine (~120°) Pallas
– Pluto in Capricorn (22°) Square (~90°) Pallas
– Ceres in Sagittarius (7°) Trine (~120°) Chiron

Seeing that the Sun is trine Pallas, we may be in for a short period of time when the leaders try to do what is right, but they will do so in an emotional way. Pluto is square Pallas suggesting that what needs to be transformed is still working its way through the female warrior. The wounded healer is going to find support from the nurturing mother Ceres which should make the transition for Chiron into Aries a bit smoother.


As always, see above.

It feels like we’re in the last few minutes of the 12th hour and things are going to radically change come the spring equinox. Spiritual growth has traditionally come from trials and tribulations, but for those of you that can read the tea-leaves, you should already be prepared to make the best of it.

I look forward to your thoughts about this write-up.



For the PDF that shows the locations of all the planets and a general meaning of the signs, please see the following report: February 19th, 2019.

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