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What’s on the horizon for January 2020?

Just watched the full moon rise into a nearly clear blue night sky! That never gets old. It’s now the full moon and my thoughts are starting to come together for this post – kinda.

For months, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s coming our way for January 2020 when the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto all nearly perfectly align on the 12th of January. At that time, Juno and Eris will be square this conjunction and the Moon will be in opposition (new on the 10th). Jupiter is also in the same sign as the conjunction – Capricorn. Being curious, I’ve been wondering what I should expect from the universe so that I can prepare. So, I recorded my thoughts and typed them up here. The recording is slightly different.

Saturday morning, August 10th, I woke up with the intuitive feeling that a tipping point had just been reached. We’ve just entered a period of time when people will not sit still and take it any longer. At this same moment, I looked at the news headlines which came out regarding a dark politically connected individual (that must not be named). My first thought was ‘jail break’ and the Ocean’s movie series came to mind. It’s as if there was a choreographed operation to get that guy out of jail that was disguised as a murder-suicide. Whatever the case, the situation has emotionally touched just about everyone that I’ve talked too this week.

When I brought up the stars for that moment, nothing stood out to me as the immediate trigger.

So, what to do next? Call Mom. I’m fortunate enough to be able to do this and it led to a long conversation that can be boiled down to Jupiter turned direct and Uranus turned to retrograde.

Now that is interesting. Last time Uranus went into retrograde, we all lived through the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. What a nasty time! People where at each other’s throats. That retrograde period of time totally played left against right, men against women and fact against hearsay. Generally, it pissed people off. During that time, I remember asking Mom and Dad about the riots of the 60’s and if it felt the same way at that time. They said that it was similar, but people back then were willing to fight. Now that more than a year has passed, I asked Mom what would make people angry enough to fight and she said not having food. Basically, if you take people’s money away or stop the movement of food.

I get the feeling that this turning of Uranus is going to be similar to the Kavanaugh hearings, but on a much larger scale. If tariffs kick in in the US and inflation is noticeable, people might actually be kicked into action. Or if we hit a slowdown in the economy and people lose their jobs. Or if something happens to money. There are so many things that could trigger it, but what will happen is the real question.

Unfortunately, Uranus is retrograde until the major conjunction mid-January.

Before looking at the future date, we want to go back in time to see if there is a pattern that we can read.

January 9th, 2018.

If you go back a year and a half, Saturn just moved into Capricorn and mid-month, the Sun, Venus and Pluto all came into a conjunction. Capricorn is directly over China which makes the opposition point the east coast of the US where the show is obvious for all of us in the states. All winter long we had to deal with Trump news day in and day out.

In the simplest turns, Venus being what we value and diplomacy we got to see political jockeying at its finest (dirtiest). The Sun, representing the leaders and being in the sign of Capricorn make sure that we all got to see what they were doing on a daily basis. Saturn had a brushing with Mercury which kind of represents how the entire Mueller investigation unfolded. Yet also note that Uranus, Pallas and Eris were all conjunct in Aries at the time which turned out to be square Pluto (and the Sun conjunction).

This side conjunction marked a period of time where the rebel (Uranus) in each of us was distracted by the chaos (Eris) all the while just wanting justice (Pallas) to prevail. The rebel in each of us was square the Leadership (Sun).

Advancing a year to last January.

January 11, 2019.

When we fast forward one year and we get a different dynamic. Again, Mid-January the Sun and Pluto come conjunct, but this time it was missing Venus. What did we see? We saw a US government shutdown where diplomacy was thrown out the window. And, during that same transit, Mercury ran up against Saturn. Thus, a repeat of the previous year where the Russia investigation kept everything on lockdown. No matter how much corruption exists in plain sight, it wasn’t allowed to be talked about.

One thing worth noting about this Pluto Sun conjunction is that Uranus was direct and coming back towards Taurus. It had been in Taurus for a short while before swinging back into Aries for a short stint. When it was in Aries, it fell back into that square with Pluto just like we saw in the previous year. The only real difference was that Pallas moved away to trigger rioting throughout Europe with the Yellow Vest movement.

Do we have similar conditions for next January?

January 12th, 2020.

Now we look ahead to January 2020. What do we see? Well, once again, we see the Sun stack up against Pluto. That detective work that Pluto stirs up is going to be working its magic on the Leadership once again. Secrets are going to WANT to come out but there is a stronger tie to Saturn that will want to bring restrictions to that information release.

The Saturn Mercury conjunction that brings restrictions to communication that has blocked getting access to political information is once again in play, but this time it’s stacked up directly. I would expect that the energy of restriction will even be more aggressive at this time.

It wouldn’t seem all that bad if it wasn’t for Jupiter that has now transited into Capricorn to join the party. Jupiter is just outside a conjunction orb, but it is within the sign. Jupiter is going to amplify all the political BS to the point where it’s going to be obvious to anyone that simply looks at the situation.

Also, Venus is 30 degrees away. Just like last year, we’re probably not going to see this play out in a diplomatic way. Expect a clash of egos on the world stage!

Now, unlike last year and the previous one, this next January has a retrograde Uranus leading up to it. At the conjunction in January, Uranus will be standing still to turn direct. So, think back to the last retrograde run and how it made everyone feel. People where pissed off. People were at each other’s throats based on the staged antics of the Mass Media during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Well, we have a repeat of this coming – yet it has a slightly different flavor.

This time we have Ceres in the major conjunction along with Vesta and Juno square and the Moon quincunx.

Let’s review. Ceres is associated with the energy to nurture. When angry, it is the mother scorned. It is that unbearable loss, grief, deprivation and hunger. Juno represents one’s loyalty and faith. It naturally brings things together so that the energy can be worked through. When not well aspected, this energy can represent spousal abuse, rage, betrayal, bitterness and it is linked to real-life functioning relationships. Vesta is generally thought of as bringing out the purest potential of a situation, but when square like this it brings up family issues, self-abuse, insecurity and promiscuity.

Thus, the bad aspects that are associated with all this political energy is feminine and family oriented. In the context of today, when you see main stream news headlines that would normally only be seen in fictional Hollywood movies, well, we know some bad stuff is about to come out. Likewise, when you’re talking blackmail for morally reprehensible behavior from people at the highest levels of political power, then, you should be able to see why Juno, Ceres and Pallas have come to join the party.

What can we expect?

It is highly likely that the human element of intimacy will be brought up in the context of politics for the world to see. At the same time, the information will be restricted and communication will be capped.

If you’re seeing this play out like I am, you’re probably getting the idea that there is a LOT more dirt that has yet to come out about the ruling elite around the world that doesn’t paint their behavior in the more colorful light.

Walking through time

Right now (August 10th below), the Sun is in Leo where we see Mars, Venus and Juno. This energy is going to hold strong ‘til the end of August (30th below) where we see the new moon.

At this point, we have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon and Juno all conjunct (within about 7 degrees). This is going to bring out details. Virgo does the work. You can’t hide anything from a Virgo especially when there is diplomacy and communication lined up with the leadership. Mars stirs it into action. People are going to do the work to put things together. Evidence will mount.

By the end of September (28th below), Mars is directly over the UK and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Dk Moon Lilith will transit Europe. Just in time for Brixit. Mars is still in Virgo, but everything else has transitioned to Libra. Expect the leadership in Europe to exhibit the negative Libra traits and lie in order to keep things in balance. No one is going to want to rock the boat. This energy leads me to believe that the people of the UK will be deceived by their leadership once again and nothing will change with respect to England’s position in the EU.

By Mid-October (22nd below), Ceres and Jupiter come together. Remember, this is the first taste that we’re going to get with the mother scorned energy. By the end of October, Venus and Mercury come into conjunction with Pallas, which is the feminine warrior of justice. As we saw last year, direct interactions with Pallas aligned to the riots that started in France and moved eastward. When this happens, Ceres is still conjunct Jupiter and Uranus is still retrograde.

By December (2nd below), Ceres and Jupiter both advance into Capricorn and then the Sun conjuncts Pallas. To me, this is the moment that we should all hold our breaths for. When the leadership comes together with the just-warrior, we also have retrograde Uranus conjunct the Dk Moon Lilith. If there is going to be rioting in the streets, this is where I would expect to see it. It should be obvious here or by this time. If this storyline unfolds anything like described here, the energy of frustration should be clear and obvious.

The next key date is the target date of January 12th, 2020. It is at this point that we should hit the climax for what built up this fall. This is a major transition date that we should be able to measure how people change as these planets wane from 22-degrees Capricorn.

Raw Data

If you’ve read through other reports that I’ve created, you’ll know that the AstroMap program that I wrote can generate a raw data template from which you can draw your own conclusions. Here is a link to that file: RawDataJan12_2020.

Key Locations

One of the reasons for the AstroMap is so that you can see where the influence of the planets is going to be relative to the locations on the earth. Note that every spot has a direct and opposite location on the earth and both spots are displayed on the Map.

Come January 2020, the direct location of the energy is nearly perfectly over Hong Kong in south China. Yet, it also stretches down into Malaysia and Indonesia. You can see on the map what is directly under the influence of Capricorn.

The point of opposition for each planet is important and that area is represented with the crosshatches. The opposition point for this major conjunction is Cancer, which represents the east coast of the US, yet it’s technically just off the coast. This brings the highlight into the direct location in the US Virgin Islands where a key dark political figure conducted business and it’s directly over Venezuela.

To me, if there is a financial element to the events of the fall (which I expect their will be), I would expect that the two real pivot points will be china and the US. Other key points will be Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore along with all the countries on the west coast of South America and Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and eastern Canada.

For all the other dates, just look at the map and it will show you the direct and opposite locations.

And the beat goes on

But it’s by no means done!

Key follow-up dates. Reference the video for these images.

March 18-30th – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas and Mars all form a conjunction as the Sun moves into Aries to conjunct Chiron.

May 26th – By the end of May 2020, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas all turn retrograde in their conjunction suggesting that we’re still going to get to revisit things.

November 13th – All these planets in retrograde turn direct and come back together again in Capricorn again.

February 2021 – It’s not until about January 2021 that we see these planets move out of Capricorn and pile up in Aquarius. It moves all this hard earth energy into a detached mental realm of emotional detachment. The New Moon on February 11th, 2021 happens with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon and Pallas all in Aquarius. Pluto has now dropped out of the key astrological aspect.

After that, April 3, 2022…. And the story goes on…

Images for above.

August 10th, 2019.

August 30th 2019

Sept 28th, 2019

October 22, 2019

December 2nd, 2019

January 12th, 2020.

3 thoughts on “What’s on the horizon for January 2020?

  1. This well documented flow of activities ,star lead , is remarkable. So assuring to a heart that knows and a head that forgets..that truly we are moving in a measured progressive way. , thank you!
    remarkable huge chunk of deciphering.
    I would love to discuss with you the idea that in order at the end of your message, to make the right choices , we must take feeling out of it?
    Hard to understand that Dave. I know a good conversation might clarify.
    As I sense it we are moving from the head in choice making into the heart..
    The inner heart affect all of the external projected creations.. Hugs and great Work, so many thanks Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      ‘we must take feeling out of it?’
      At the end of the video, the map is on January 2021. A year after the Pluto Saturn conjunction. It’s at this time that all the planets finally break out of the conjunction and they do this in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a detached emotional sign. It represents the type of energy that logically thinks about how to move forward and what is in the best interests for all. So, at that time (about 16 months from now) the hard energy of Capricorn, which might not care about how people feel emotionally, will be replaced with energy where emotions are cared about, but in a detached logical way. 🙂

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