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Energies of Today, August 15-30th, 2019

If you’re feeling some dynamic energy in close or intimate relationships, you might be falling into the dynamic that is playing out right now between the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno.

Here is a video that I put together to show you the progression for the next 10 days or so.

I also ran August 20th @ 2 UT in order to get the following information. This is template information that I have to get you an idea of the energies in place for the major conjunction.


Raw Data:

Grouped Basic Aspects

Sun (27°) & Venus (28°) & Mars (1°) & Juno (28°) Conjunct in Leo & Virgo

Time Sun Venus Peak: Aug 14, 2019 @ 6ut (Jul 30@18ut to Aug 28@21ut) 29d.3h Waning

Virgo: This is a mutable earth sign that is hardworking, practical, analytical and kind. It brings a methodical approach to problem solving to ensure that nothing is left to chance and that every detail is analyzed and scrutinized. The energy doesn’t like being centerstage and when in discord creates situations of all work and not play or being overly critical of others or a strong sense of worry. There is a strong sense of cleanliness, nature and animals. There is a strong sense of organization and compartmentalization. The ruling planet is Mercury.

Leo: This is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is humorous, warm-hearted, creative and generous. This energy brings up a sense of showmanship, a love of the theater, being admired and desiring expensive things. If taken too far, it can be self-centered, arrogant, inflexible or lazy. This is natural leader energy that can be extremely hard to resist that has self-confidence and the tendency to get what is desired.

Sun: The Sun represents the center of power. It radiates energy, inspiration, enthusiasm and wisdom. It is the focal point, the leader, the supreme authority, the figurehead representing all people in positions of power particularly the president, prime minister, the heads of state, cabinet ministers, judges, magistrates, aristocracy, key figureheads or people of distinction including public heroes and national champions. When conflicted it creates anger, pride and conceit. It can be thought of as an energy with conscious intent.

Venus: Venus brings in energy that is a mature feminine approach to social and cultural affairs. It is associated with art, fashion, luxury, leisure, creativity, social activities, entertainment and glamour. It is linked to the deeper, more meaningful aspects of financial transactions, money, shopping with an eye towards the value that is intrinsic in the interaction. This energy extends out to include peace, diplomacy, marriage, artists, musicians and how it benefits everyone. It is beauty, love, devotion, sexuality and the art of being and using feminine energy for influence. This is the mature, sexy woman that has the charisma to make things happen.

Mars: Mars is a strong masculine energy that deals with confrontation and opposition. It represents the energies associated with assertiveness, courage, bravery and force. It is the energy behind the physical drive to change situations. It is closely linked to the military, armed forces and war. It covers violent crime, aggression, military action, violence in general, police, soldiers, attacks, armed conflicts and fire. It is the essence of the fighting spirit which is rooted in sporting competitions, engineering projects, industrial disputes, strikes, protests and riots. It is the opposition of forces that become engaged. It brings out the characteristics seen in leaders that need to succeed at all costs such as boldness, frankness, endurance and initiative. It brings the fire to see the conflict through to its inevitable conclusion.

Juno: Juno represents the types of characteristics that one is faithful, or loyal too. It is a softer feminine energy that defines characteristics that help form long term bonds. It shows what has been committed too or what brings satisfaction. It naturally brings things together so that the experience can be worked through. It is the energy of relationships and how they work together. It is more of a practical, submissive energy. If not well aspected, issues regarding spousal abuse, powerlessness, rage, unfairness, inferiority issues, betrayal, inequality and bitterness result. It is linked to real-life functioning relationships rather than the glorification of them.

Conjunct: The conjunction points out a situation of prominence as it adds a richer emphasis on the heightened, strengthened and amplified planetary attributes within the sign that can be seen as either favorable or unfavorable.

– Ceres in Sagittarius (4°) Square (~90°) Mars Juno

Time Ceres Juno Peak: Sep 13, 2019 @ 1ut (Aug 11@7ut to Jan 29@18ut) 171d.11h Waxing

Sagittarius: This is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter that is generous, freedom loving, idealistic. It doesn’t like off-the-wall theories or being constrained. It tends to bring up situations where things are promised that can’t be delivered or create situations where things are said, no matter how undiplomatic they are. The ruling planet for this sign is Jupiter which suggests there is the tendency to think and live large. Watch out for promises that can’t be delivered.

Ceres: Ceres represents the energy that is given to nurture. It is that joyful feminine energy that is exchanged during the act of growing and watching those that you care for become mature and whole. Yet, at the same time it represents that relentless energy of a mother scorned. It is linked to food, cooking, shelter, culture, tradition and the development of the spirit. It is also associated with the garden, seeds, fruits, vegetables along with hotels, motels, airports, stations which are the waypoints when traveling. There are deep connections to the abdomen both physically and emotionally. When afflicted, there are elements of both water and fire. Inwardly, it can manifest as depression, unbearable loss, withdrawal, grief, deprivation and hunger. Outwardly it brings a fiery retribution to those that are unkind. It acts like instant karma. There is no tolerance for those that mistreat others. This energy helps show what is deeply cared for and worth fighting for.

Square: The square is a high-discord obstacle situation where the matters ruled by the planets are blocked creating a condition of struggle, frustration and violent actions towards resolving the irreconcilable desires.

– Vesta in Taurus (24°) Square (~90°) Sun Juno

Time Vesta Juno Peak: Jul 28, 2019 @ 10ut (Apr 23@1ut to Sep 1@22ut) 131d.21h Waning

Taurus: This is a fixed earth sign that accentuates the traits of being reliable, patient and devoted. Being ruled by Venus, there is a strong attraction to high quality workmanship, music and romance. This is a sensual, tactile and committed energy that is willing to stick it out until the end. It can be overprotective, conservative, materialistic and love money. This energy doesn’t like sudden change or complications.

Vesta: Vesta is a feminine energy that shows how you devote yourself to a cause and how you stay focused. It brings out the purest potential of the situation. It is thought of as organized, perfect, security, devoted. There is a tactile and sensual aspect to this energy due to the passion that is used to fully commit to the task at hand. At best, it represents the energy of how the perfect wife would behave. The image of a perfect wife. To that, it is thought of as security, sisterly, value oriented, yet also chaste. When not well aspected, there is lack of focus, fear of intimacy, family issues, self-abusive tendencies, insecurity and promiscuity. This energy is the living flame of passion that brings out the desire for the required mission.

Square: The square is a high-discord obstacle situation where the matters ruled by the planets are blocked creating a condition of struggle, frustration and violent actions towards resolving the irreconcilable desires.

– Eris(R) in Aries (24°) Trine (~120°) Sun Juno

Time Eris Juno Peak: Aug 11, 2019 @ 11ut (Jul 25@7ut to Aug 28@23ut) 34d.16h Waning

Aries: This is a cardinal fire sign that brings out a courageous, confident, enthusiastic and optimistic type of characteristics. Aries likes to step into roles of leadership, be impulsive and aggressive. When agitated, these energies are also impatient, moody, aggressive. Aries doesn’t like delays. Ruled by Mars.

Eris: This energy comes to us in the spirit of trouble through chaos. It is a subtle energy that feeds off the problems it can stir up in others. It could be thought of as the mean girl that goes to great lengths to make sure everyone else is uncomfortable. The base ideas are fighting, quarrelling, discord, strife and rejoicing in havoc. Look for this energy to highlight trouble, toil, oblivion, hunger, pain, murder, carnage, brawls, disputes, ruin, forgetfulness, deceit and lawlessness. It is linked to computer security, cultural status issues and fire. Eris is going to try to stir up discord in whatever location it interacts with in the chart. It shows us the areas in life where we can be distracted. It will suggest the characteristics that should be resisted in order to refrain from bring joy to the mean girl Eris.

Being retrograde, the influences from this asteroid are reduced or not see being critical and immediate. It may be easier to not be drawn into the chao as the discord may be easier to handle.

Trine: The trine is an aspect that shows where two planets harmonize in a cooperative state to create a situation of good-fortune, ease of expression and greater rewards for the effort applied.

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