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Energies of Today, Month of September 2019

In this video, I pick up where I left off on August 30th, cover the 12 days that passed and look forward another two weeks.

From my point of view, I find it very interesting that the English Parliament has been having party loyalty issues that have been exposed for when I look at ‘the stars’, just as news hit that a number of representatives had switched their loyalty, we find Juno conjunct the leaders trine Pluto and Saturn. And, of course the UK is located in Virgo where we find the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno on September 6th.

On the 9th (I believe it was a Monday), when parliament was suspended, the Sun was nearly perfectly square Jupiter (think judges, legal and nobility) and Pluto was nearly perfectly trine both Venus and Mercury.

The running couple weeks have been a jolly good show for this old man to watch.

Here is the video. Skip below for the future looking text overview:

Now, when we skip ahead a few days to September 13th, which just so happens to be the full moon, Mercury and Venus are in perfect conjunction on the Virgo Libra cusp, the Moon is nearly perfectly conjunct Neptune and Mars is perfectly conjunct Neptune. While we’re at the technical, Mars is 17+ degrees Virgo, Jupiter is 16+ degrees Sagittarius and Neptune is 17+ degrees Pisces. The center point of the Saturn Pluto conjunction is about 17 degrees Capricorn. The 17th Tarot card is The Star – which is all about individual power, self reliance and hope. Yet the full moon is on 21 degrees Pisces tightly together with Neptune.

So, what might we guess? Well, if you watched the video, you’ll see that I pushed the calendar ahead a couple days to the 16th, Monday. It’s at that time that Venus and Mercury are in opposition to Chiron. Whatever happens at the full moon will be felt a few days later. My guess is that the Mars energy of the full moon, which is opposed by Neptune will push the leaders to fight for stuff that is delusional. Neptune will cloud the actions which are square to the wise planet Jupiter which also rules the legal system and nobility. Thus, it’s the nobility that is stirred into action to do stupid things. By the following Monday, old scars should have been opened up or weaknesses will have been exposed.

By the 19th, a week from today, Jacobson’s Dark Moon Lilith (DML) will be perfectly conjunct Mars which suggests that the actions that we witness during the week will be seen as being completely bonkers. By the 22nd, Saturn will have turned direct and DML will be perfectly conjunct the Sun all while Venus and Mercury is tightly square Saturn. Saturn, being the planet of rules, regulations and restrictions being square the planets of communication and diplomacy, I get the feeling that there will be energy put into suppressing whatever was exposed on the full moon weekend.

This read goes as far as the new moon in September on the 28th. In the couple days that lead up to the new moon, the DML sweeps across Europe to form a conjunction with Venus on 17 degrees Libra. This puts it in dissidence with the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Mars will be directly over England. The Sun + Moon conjunction will be directly over the Netherlands and Belgium. Venus + DML will be over Rome. Mercury over Greece. Pallas is over Baghdad and Pluto over Hong Kong.

My take is that the English nobility will be in Chaos and the focus will be on the EU rulers, which are in the spotlight of the new moon. England will be fighting mad but they won’t know what they are fighting about and, because Uranus is Quincunx the new moon, no one is going to be able to understand or figure out what the leaders are doing during the absence of the light of the moon.

Fun? The one bright light looks to be Pallas over Iran. Look for Justice of some type there.

Until next time, have a great day!


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