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The Energy for Bitcoin has Changed

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed that the energy in the financial markets has change in a way to benefit Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The first real hint of it was the WallStreetBets reddit group making the news wanting to short squeeze GME. The excitement almost immediately rolled over into the idea of squeezing silver – which is still playing out.

While all this was playing out, bitcoin sat in the background gaining recognition. It’s like the whole investing world woke up to how much they want to stick it to ‘the controllers’ that they finally heard and figured out what it means to take a position in bitcoin. It was like an Aquarian flash of insight.

So, here is my take in video form. My guess is that emotions are going to run high with regards to making the changes that need to be made for a bit over a month. People may feel like they are missing out or that they are going to miss the bus. But, by the time we get to the equinox the energy will be on the NEW track. The changes that are being made right now will define the path that they will be on for a while.

Change today, enjoy tomorrow!



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