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Astrology Energy behind – Q

This article has been reworked based on the correct first post time and planetary positions. Please see Astrological Influence behind QAnon.

** This article has been retracted **

The reason for doing this is that the article is interpreted off an incorrect time. This was a typo, but, never the less, a typo upon which the entire article is based. The problem is that the chart was run for the 8th of October rather than the 28th. This, basically, makes it wrong.

I have sent an email of apology to Joe @ and wish him no ill will from carrying this article.

I would also like to thank my readers for pointing out this flaw.

In an effort to make this up to my readers, I will revisit the correct date and interpret that. S* happens, so thank you for understanding.

** The article below remains, but will be removed shortly **


Some of you might be aware of a new entity that started posting on an anonymous message board that goes by the symbol – Q. This anonymous source has been posting political, historical and investigative information that has been picked up by many critical thinkers that have large followings on different social media platforms. It has been written up in the Wikipedia as a conspiracy, which is why it peaks my interest.

After having posted Election Day Astrology – What’s Your Take?, a commenter challenged me to investigate this Q phenomenon to see what the energy looks like there.


Before doing so, I’d like to try to help you to understand why this research is interesting to me and what purpose it can serve.

I see the zodiac and planetary influences as a long term human subconscious intention that humanity has absorbed as truthful and the actions of the universe conspire to make what is collectively believed to be the truth a reality. It’s almost as if someone designed the rules in a game that we unknowingly play which creates the illusion that a person’s actions are predetermined. But what makes things look predetermined, also, look to be external from the inner soul perspective. In a way, these influences feel like, and are similar to, a verbal curse; i.e., going to the doctor and being diagnosed as having an incurable cancer which others see as curable, or being told as a child that you are a terrible singer yet you find out later that you can actually sing well, or someone says your ugly, yet you fall in love and are told by the other that you are the most beautiful person they have ever met. In the case of astrology, the ‘curse’ seems to be on all of humanity rather than just an individual. I quote ‘curse’ here because it’s simply a state of mind, or a mass hypnosis where the greater human consciousness believes the influences that have been attributed to the stars by astrologers.

Now, does that make me seem like an astrological atheist?

I don’t think so. I don’t dispute that astrological influences are in play, what I’m curious about is how they are in play.

The ‘how they are in play’ is what is important. Particularly when you bring in the nature of humans and you realize how easily humans can be manipulated to believe something that is opposite to what really happened. It seems that it doesn’t take a lot of energy to persuade people to believe something if you use the information as stated from a position of authority.

Why is all this relevant?

This opens up possibilities. If we have astrology simply because it’s the truth. Then, it makes sense to study all aspects of the truth. If we have astrology because the universe is conspiring to fulfill what the astrologers defined as truth, well, then we have a situation that is very interesting because it falls into a manmade category. Here, it’s also worth studying in order to see how it really works. Particularly, can humanity collectively choose to change the programing? That would truly be interesting!

Now that I’ve set the background, you’ll know that I’m questioning the grand design of things. If someone else has the understanding that it’s all an illusion and they can create entities in the ‘matrix’ of humanity in order to get a specific response from humans, then why wouldn’t they use that do their advantage?

So, what do the stars tell us about this Q phenomenon?


After having dissected the birth chart for the first Q post, I can’t help but think that the timing of that first post was calculated – down to the exact minute – in order to drive a specific and calculated agenda. The placement of the planets & the houses couldn’t be more exact down to the degree and location.

The influences show exactly what is happening within this movement and its spooky in its accuracy.

It’s as if Poseidon (Neptune) choose this exact moment in time to unleash the energy of transformation (Pluto) through electricity (Uranus) directed squarely at The Tower (Sun Mercury conjunction) which has been built by leaders that are corrupt and hidden. The movement will be detailed and fought for by both women and men (Mars Venus Conjunction) yet this battle will be calculated and supported by the slow-moving wheels (Saturn) of justice (Jupiter). In the end, the people of the world will be aligned be the results of the movement for they will see the battle and feel free to ask questions (Moon).

Now here’s the real question, was this chart divinely inspired or was it strategic?

I ask this because a chart like this *will* have an effect on humanity. If a person knows astrology they could time their actions to find a chart like this that will empower them, with little energy of their own, to have a large impact on the general population. The Butterfly can intentionally set in motion something that is much bigger than itself if it knows exactly when to flap its wings.

Likewise, if the chart is divinely inspired (universe triggers it to happen, by chance, at this time), then we may be watching an event that is ‘natural’ and in sync with our evolutionary process. This would be exciting to watch.

Which is it? I don’t know.

What do you think?

Here is my investigation.

The Q-uest

So, before you can really start any type of astrological investigation, you have to find the birth time of the entity.

This proved to be a small challenge. The biggest source of posts has made it onto the Google sensor list and there was no way (at that time) to get through the block using chrome. Feel free to view the scary message that they post (shows up as danger from Google, nothing on IE and as a virus infection through Siri) Yet, after digging around a bit I was able to find what looks to be a legitimate first post that has the timestamp:

October 28th, 2017 15:33:50

This looks perfect for a time, but what about the location?

By definition, this is an anonymous source. Thus, how can we find a location? Well, after pondering that for a while I figure that the location can not be trusted, yet, because of the content of what this Q posts, the content aligns to the President of the US as if they are at the same location. Because you have to choose somewhere in order to run a chart, I’m going to choose Washington DC thus the time would be 3:33:50 pm.

What do you think? Is that reasonable? This would give high confidence in the planetary positions and a lower confidence in the house structure (unless that confidence can be extrapolated out of the data). Here is the chart.

To go with this chart, I’ve run a bunch of reports that we can all review. I’ll include them here.

Q Natal Wheel (what you see above)
Q Data Report (locations of planets and aspects)
Q Cosmo Natal Report with No Birth Time (no houses)
Q Cosmo Natal Report (with birth time thus houses)
Q Major Asteroids Report

After reviewing the above information, it seems to me that both the planetary locations and house alignments fit what I understand about the Q conspiracy movement, but the asteroid interpretation information feels dissident. Unless someone else objects, I will leave the asteroids to the reader to interpret and stick to the standard planets.


I always like to look at the attributes of the first house in order to get a feeling for the characteristics of the identity. Sure, everyone looks at the rising sign, yet looking that what is highlighted in that house gives more clarity to the entity. So, let’s start with what is generic and move to the specifics.

The 5-degree Aquarius rising is going to accentuate the intellect and bring in the capabilities to perform deep thinking. This energy provides for being able to see both sides of an argument without prejudice which leads to solving problems quickly. This energy can be eccentric or energetic and tends to be independent and humanitarian. Being on the 5th degree hints that there is strength and wisdom in the secrets of the wise. This degree aligns in the Tarot system with the Guru or spiritual teacher which honors the golden rule yet respects the work of the great and wise people that have already come and gone.

In this house we find the South Node on 21 degrees Aquarius. This suggests that there is great confidence and mastery with regards to the sense of self. 21 degrees would represent the last major arcana card in the tarot deck suggesting there is a masterful understanding of conscious that is put into action. This degree represents the ability to use your understanding of consciousness to get the desired result. It’s as if the entity would be very comfortable with its actions because it already knows what the outcome will be.

Because of the symmetry of Nodes, the North Node which represents that the idea behind this entity is of conscious design, yet the artistry is in Leo which will highlight the idea that there will be a show involved in how this entity reveals itself and how it acts.

Neptune brings to the identity of this entity the concept of ‘the undisclosed’. Being retrograde brings out the desire to unveil mysteries and to expose what is hidden. This planet is in Pisces which will highlight the traits associated with being compassionate, gentle and wise. These compassionate traits are supported by the fact that the entity is brought in on 12 degrees which is associated with The Hanged Man in the Tarot. That card represents the energies of self-sacrifice for the betterment of the collective.

The ruler for this chart (derived off Aquarius) would be Uranus located nearly 27 degrees in Aries in the 2nd house. Uranus is the planet of high technologies, scientific discovers and rebellions. Being retrograde, it suggests that this entity may be a forerunner of the future and is a free spirit. The spirit here can not be bound, nor understood, yet is tapped into human progress and is enhanced by that connection. The Aries energy behind this rebellious spirit will make it courageous, determined, confident and honest. The 27th degree makes this entity tolerant, perceptive and a team player. It’s as if the rebellion role is to help others learn to help themselves. Keep in mind that the 2nd house is the house where the ideals of the 1st house are applied suggesting that the rebellious nature is rooted in the foundation of self-sacrifice for the betterment of society.

Continuing into the 4th house, we find the Moon on 26 degrees Taurus. The Moon represents the mood of the people and how they react to the entity. It also shows where the people’s attention with be drawn. Here, we find it will be focused on the affairs of the 4th house. This house deals with family, recognizing authority, understanding how resources are used and recognizing how class systems work. The Taurus energy will help the people be patient, practical, devoted, responsible and grounded. Being on the 26th degree, the people will feel like they are team players in the overall drama that unfolds.

Seeing that the 5th house is empty, it suggests that this entity doesn’t have any concerns about taking risks nor does it suggest that pleasure in taken in its actions.

The real power of this chart seems to be concentrated in the houses that have to do with emotional connections to others and higher education, or the outward expression of the entity’s actions.

Mars in on 21 degrees Virgo right at the end of the 7th house, cusp of the 8th. If you roll back the clock 1 minute, Mars was in the 8th House. Mars is that masculine energy of war, conflict, aggression and active revolutions. It’s in Virgo which tends to be analytical, practical, kind and loyal. This Virgo influence would suggest that this energy will be focused on the smallest details and this entity will be willing to fight for, or against, those details. It’s as if nothing will be left to chance and the aggressive Mars energy is there to make sure that no one else forgets the details.

Still looking at Mars, we see that it is 21 degrees into Virgo. This degree aligns to The World card in the Tarot deck. As stated above, that degree demonstrates conscious mastery with regards to what the entity does.

Mars is also opposite Neptune. Keep in mind that Neptune represents the disclosing of secrets which is a characteristic that is at the heart of the identity of the entity. Being in an opposing position to Mars might show that this entity is fighting to disclose information, yet wants to do so in a very sensitive way.

Mars has also just crossed the cusp into the 7th house, so rather then the Martian energy driving that which is out of control, here it can be calculated to form partnerships that can be fed from Pluto, the transformer and the Moon, the mood of the people.

But Mars doesn’t stand alone here. Within two degrees is Venus, still in the 8th house. This conjunction suggests that the Maleness of Mars is not free to run unchecked. Venus creates the balance. Being 2 degrees of center, the Mars Neptune opposition will be seen as visible, yet behind the scenes there will be balanced sensitivity, particularly with regards to the emotions that the entity will either experience or share. The 7th house, where Mars sits, is all about relationships and consciously making emotional connections to others. Venus brings balance to this yet remains in the house of death & birth. It’s the house that rules that which we are connected to emotionally, but are unable to change. We are forced to simply deal with it.

Now, if you look a little closer at Venus, you’ll see that it’s aligned to the Midheaven and to the Moon in an open energy flowing fashion. This would suggest that the softness of Venus is the working modus operandi particularly when it comes to the emotional understanding of the masses that follow this entity.

Now, is this Mars Venus Conjunction unbounded? Seeing that Mars is linked to rebellion as its key identity feature you would think that this could spiral out of control. Yet, this conjunction has a Saturn square which brings restrictions and limitations. Saturn also is known to bring up lessons, thus squaring the cusp between the 7th and 8th houses makes for a situation where ‘that which is out of control’ will find support and be activated.

Well, we finally get to the Sun at nearly 16 degrees Libra in the 8th house. To set some background, Libra brings in energy that is diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded and social. Partnerships are very important and there is lots of energy placed towards balance and symmetry. Justice and equality are key traits which objects under this influence are willing to fight for. This is also an air sign which brings in a heightened state of mental stimuli, yet this is the Sun, which demonstrates that these characteristics represent where the dominant focus and power is.

Paired with the Sun is Mercury in a nearly exact conjunction. It would seem that all the power, all the driving force of this entity is channeled through communication. Mercury is the messenger and the power of this entity is to communicate. It’s as if the life work of this entity will be to communicate all those issues in the 8th house which are emotionally disturbing to the general population.

Yet it gets better! This Sun Mercury conjunction is nearly 16 degrees. Again, aligning to the Tarot, this is the degree of The Tower. This is the card in the Tarot deck that is all about the God Poseidon recognizing that the power given to the leaders of the kingdom of man has gotten corrupted and consumed by its own ego to the point where there is no other alternative then to raze it to the ground. It would seem that the power behind this entity would be to punish the corrupt rulers by removing them from control over the kingdom.

What do we have to support this idea? A square from this Sun Mercury conjunction to Pluto. This entity is linked directly to a planet that represents all the dark secrets that people keep hidden and don’t want to expose.

How can all of this be by chance?

Moving on, we find Jupiter in the 9th house nearly exactly on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses in the sign of Libra. Again, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect! If you roll the clock forward 4 minutes, Jupiter would move into the 8th house. Before looking at the house placement, Jupiter represents the law, legal proceedings, ceremonies, high courts, clergy, prosperity, the upper class and wealth. Jupiter’s placement in the 9th house drives that balanced Libra energy into law and legal proceedings but under the influence of higher education. The 9th house is that place of understanding & knowing that everything works better when you commit to building a high society and you invest in technologies. This abundance that Jupiter brings will be done in an organized, diplomatic way. Had it shifted ever so slightly into the 8th house, this entity would have lost the support of rational thinking because Jupiter would have tilted towards the uncontrollable emotional energy that experienced through broken emotional attachments.

There is nothing in the 10th house, suggesting that it’s not about the leaders of the entity, yet Saturn is almost 23 degrees in the 11th house in Sagittarius. The 11th house is all about the dreams and wishes which is the results of your life work. Saturn is backed by the generous, idealistic, freedom loving aspects of Sagittarius. This is a philosophical sign that is able to transform thoughts into action. Freedom would be considered a treasured right to an entity born in this sign. Being on 23 degrees, the degree of freedom, the chart would suggest that everything Saturn is going to stand for will be to drive to freedom. Notice that Saturn is directly linked to the Mars Venus conjunction so as to fire it up yet also linked to Uranus which can make for sudden explosive changes.

Finally, we get to Pluto at nearly 17 degrees Capricorn in the 12th house. This planet is all about the secret underworld, hidden societies, secret police, dictatorships, upheaval of governments, the mafia and scandals. It’s the planet of the darker aspects of human nature, but its action is to transform all, or some specific aspects of this. The sign is an earth sign which will temper the transformation process to give it a sense of self-control. Capricorn also is linked to time, as in – all things come in their own time.

Notice that Pluto is linked to the Sun Mercury conjunction hinting that the power given to this entity, through its ability to communicate, will directly address all the hidden darker aspects that Pluto rules. This planet is also linked to Mars suggesting that that fighting energy will be driven by the darker aspects that Pluto brings.

Pluto is also in the 12th house which is the point of completion of a cycle. This is the point where the pros and cons are weighed in order to figure out what serves you and what doesn’t in order to shed the dead weight and move into the next cycle with a fresh start and a new beginning. Yet, it’s at the beginning of the house hinting that the transformation that will happen may not be as violent as it would appear or that we might be in the digestion phase rather than the destruction phase. Keep in mind that this is the house that represents that energy of doing what ever it takes to accomplish your goal. This is where really crazy things happen. This is the house of snapping mentally and getting locked up – which, because Pluto is in Capricorn rather then Pisces, I see the self-control being more in play.

Last, Pluto is on 17 degrees which aligns to The Star Tarot card. This card is all about hope through individual power.


So, what does this all mean?

To me, this chart looks engineered. It is as if someone knew exactly what this moment of time had to offer and they launched, or kickstarted a well-orchestrated operation that has a very specific intent – to expose the darkness that has corrupted mankind in a logical, methodical, socially acceptable way. This operation is strategic and patient, using the attributes of higher education and the gift of communication to expose the darkness.

The people will see the power of this entity and be in harmony with it.

My take is that you’ll want to beat the curve and figure out what the Q movement is all about so you can follow how The Tower is taken down.


7 thoughts on “Astrology Energy behind – Q

    1. Hi Qanan1313, Amazing! I totally screwed the pooch on this one. Thank you very much for catching this. I have retracted the article and will take the time to revisit based on the *Correct* first post time. Because everything that is posted on the internet is there forever, I will keep the retracted statement and the top so anyone that has already linked to this will see the history.

  1. SEDNA 4HC15′ (Repression, Betray, and Rejection) Hitting the public as the final outcome.

    JUNO opposite HADES 10’s activate Disagreeable Past (Deed)

    URANUS opposite CERES/PLUTO 1° 2’a Unexpected power lost!!

    1. Hi Kenar, Looks like you might have studied this chart in detail. Would love to see you add details to your observations. And, as you rightfully point out, I did not interpret the asteroids. 🙂

  2. Someone should have done this without knowing that it is the birth chart of Q. It should have been submitted as the birthdate of a person so that the astrologer would know nothing about the entity. It is very obvious that the astrology knew it was Q and thus was influenced by that.

    1. Hi Peter, I agree and this would be really cool to do. Like having a remote viewer read a target. And yes, I’m aware of Q, thus I can look for an alignment to the data. Thanks for commenting.

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