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Astrological Influence behind QAnon

For anyone seeing this type of report for the first time, this is a mundane astrology interpretation of an entities birth (natal) chart. It is similar to a personal astrology reading, yet rather than being a reading for an individual, it’s a reading for a social group.

I have provided my summary at the beginning, because the reports tend to be wordy. To support my summary, I provide the full details for anyone that studies this art.

How can you participate?

Let’s see if we can figure out what triggers this entity into action in order to see if we can predict how and when it will act in the future.

A birth report shows what the underlying characteristics are for the entity and what it’s sensitive too. As time unfolds, the current planetary influences move and activate natal chart personality characteristics to the point where we see how it interacts with the world.

This means that we want to look at what Q says and watch for the fallout. When you see the fallout, add it as a comment to this article that includes:

  1. your comment about the news and why it’s important,
  2. a link to the news,
  3. a snippet of that news (in case the content is taken down) and
  4. the time of the news.

Your reporting of these ‘critical issues’ associated with Q will allow anyone following along to research further to see how the planets influence this entity over time.

So, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did crafting it.



Innocent interpretation

Here, we have an entity that has a deep-down desire to bring justice to those that have acted in illegal ways, but his hands are tied as to the final results. It’s as if the entity can expose the information, make the case, show the evidence, but can’t make the ruling decision. The entity will focus on topics that will be emotionally disturbing to the point of being out of control. Not in the sense of being chaotic, but in the sense that they are happening and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s just something that will have to be lived through and dealt with.

The entity has a focus that is tightly coupled with legal proceedings, the law, money and actors in the upper-class, or political class. At least, that is the target, that is where the energy is directed. This focus of attention is coupled with the ability to communicate about it. That communication will come from a position of being relatively fair and balanced.

The male and female energies are relatively balanced giving support to the idea that what this entity does will be, and can be, assimilated by both sexes. There are stronger feminine energies that are linked to communication & transformation which lead directly towards how the people see what is going on. There is an element of diplomacy that stands out.

The leadership characteristics are built around the idea of restricting and limiting the problems. It’s as if the issues will be compartmentalized and individually addressed. This leadership technique will be hard and electrified. Technology will be used to help support the activity of the leader(s) along with accentuating what is at the center of focus.

The hopes and desires that pertain to the work that this entity does are built around the desire to create a legacy of transformation. It’s as if the goal is to create rules and regulations that will create an environment where that which is hidden in the darkness will be exposed by this new ruleset.

The masses are in a position to try to digest that which they witness. The overtones are that of the occult and deep dark secrets that have been hidden and are being exposed by this entity. The processing of the information will leave many in a state of disbelief or in a state of feeling that they just don’t know how to react.

The entity looks to have numerous aspects that support behaving in a balanced and well-formed manner. At the core of the identity there is a deep understanding of the left-wing political ideology which creates the basis for the state of being. We also see that right-wing political ideology is what is valued, or what is worth working for.

It would appear that this entity is not the gambling type, nor does it have a problem with authority. When it comes to trying to promote itself, this does not look to be a concern nor a place where any effort is placed.

Second, more sinister interpretation

Here, we have an entity that was strategically designed to be a political thought shaping organization whose life mission will be to use emotional situations to drive its agenda.

The entity has, at its core, an emotional, intuitive and masterful understanding of everything that appeals to the left along with how the left operates. Its as if this entity knows exactly what makes the political left tick and how they get their work done.

Yet, it’s role or sole purpose of existence is to take everything that is known about how the left operates and use it against that same party. The reason is that this entity clearly values that which is supported by the political right. What this entity works for, what it values, what is strives for is defined by the influences that come from the political right.

To give you a better understanding of how the two different political parties operate, please review the summary’s for Democratic Party & Republican Party if only to read the couple summary paragraphs.

Knowing that the democratic party is based on capitalizing on situations that are emotionally disturbing and out of control, this entity directly challenges that principle by directly focusing on the same human emotion (or ways of triggering similar emotional responses from humans), yet, from a point of view that encourages its base. This is supported by the tact that the focal point is on the legal system and the political upper-class. It’s as if the entity is designed to create emotional situations that will trigger the masses in a way to build political support for the right rather than the left.

To help with this, the modus operandi is to limit and restrict so as to ‘paint the tape’ the color red. This leadership characteristics might be aligned to how a judge can throw out data that he doesn’t want the jurors to see. There is a narrow band that defines the working space so that the objects can be achieved and the operation doesn’t fall victim to the same rule set.

This entity will also play off the hopes and dreams of everyone participating in order to drive the illusion that change will come, justice will be served and the upper-class criminals will go to jail. It’s as if they will position to promise that the transformation that this entity will be delivering will expose the secrets, the darkness and make the light king again!

Yet, the chart also reveals destiny. It hints that this entity is all roar and no bite. It wants to lead the followers to the conclusion that ‘the criminals’ will get their just reward of death, or life in prison, or shame, but it can’t actually deliver. It’s all a show and it’s performed from a state of fully understanding the secrets that it can leverage to create this show. It’s also worth mentioning that this entity is comfortable hiding in the darkness, being secretive and exploring the occult. It is as if this organization is just as dark as the ones that it’s trying to expose.

Where does that leave the people? It puts them in a position of trying to digest everything that has been thrown their way, yet it’s not possible. They can guess, theorize and analyze to their heart’s content but it only fuels the objective of the entity which is political. There is a feeling of desperation that hovers over the masses as if this is our last chance. Working against the people is the feeling that they can’t get to the bottom of the situation. It’s like not being able to prove how the intuition works or how magic works. The people will be troubled by that which cannot be proven, or disproven. They will be stuck in a position of being forced to just believe.

What to watch

  • The ruler is Neptune which sets the tone for the entity.
  • The Sun Jupiter conjunction is where the focus is or where attention is drawn.

Now, to see how I came to these conclusions, I’ve provided the details that you can review.

Research Details – The Q-uest

So, before you can really start any type of astrological investigation, you have to find the birth time of the entity.

To do this, I figured I would simply search for something like “QAnon websites” to get the appropriate link and then I’d find the time and be done. But I used Google. Turns out that Google hid the website that I was looking for nine pages deep in its output. When I compared the search to what you get in IE, IE displayed it as the first entry – like I’d expected Google to do (Like Google does for just about everything else).

Yet, it gets better. There are a number of different websites that duplicate the QAnon posts and the user experience is different depending on the browser that you use. If you view from Chrome (Google browser) you’ll get a scary message – the red screen of danger. Following the same link in IE simply takes you to the site. Following the same link using Siri (iPhone), I get the scary virus alert message. For now, consider using It seems to have the same content without the censorship (for the time being).

Eventually, you’ll find the first post timestamp.

October 28th, 2017 15:33:50

This looks perfect for a time, but what about the location?

By definition, this is an anonymous source. Thus, how can we find a location? Well, after pondering that for a while I figure that the location cannot be trusted, yet, because of the content of what this Q posts, the content aligns to the President of the US as if they are at the same location. Because you have to choose somewhere in order to run a chart, I’m going to choose Washington DC, thus the time would be 3:33:50 pm.

What do you think? Is that reasonable? This would give high confidence in the planetary positions and a lower confidence in the house structure (unless that confidence can be extrapolated out of the data). Here is the chart.

To go with this chart, I’ve run a bunch of reports that we can all review. I’ll include them here.

Q Natal Wheel (what you see above)

Q Data Report (locations of planets and aspects)

Q Cosmo Natal Report (with birth time thus houses)

Q Major Asteroids Report

After having reviewed the standard data above, the data seems reasonable and normal for the situation being evaluated.

Around the Clock

Pisces rising with chart ruler Neptune retrograde in the 1st house.

With Pisces rising, this entity brings with it a richly compassionate, intuitive, gentle, and wise nature. This sign makes for a friendly entity that is able to understand the relate to esoteric types of personalities. This energy also brings out empathy and caring, particularly because the sign’s ruling planet is Neptune which is at home here. This planet represents left-wing political ideas, covert plots, fraud, illicit activities, mobs, secret plots and sedition. Seeing that Neptune is retrograde, there is a strong desire to unveil mysteries and to expose shams. From a karmic point of view, Uranus being retrograde suggests that there is learning to be done in order to distinguish between what is a dream and what is reality. It’s as if the entity is torn between living in two different worlds that exist at the same time, yet are distinctly different.

Because this is all in the first house, these are the types of energies that the entity will identify with or be able to identify too. It’s as if there will be an intuitive natural understanding of how the game is played when it comes to illicit activities and covert plots. This planet also indicates that this entity has a strong understanding of socialism and left-wing political ideas.

Retrograde Uranus in Aries in the 2nd house.

Uranus in the 2nd house is under the influence of Aries. This is a courageous, determined, confident type of energy that is impatient, impulsive and short-tempered. It is a transformative energy that is fueled by action and doesn’t like delays. The planet represents right-wing political ideas and scientific discoveries. Think of the concepts like the free-market, individualism, riots, rebellions, the administration and outer space. All of this is in the 2nd house regarding what is valued. This is what the entity wants, works for and desires. Seeing that Uranus is retrograde, there is the energy of being a forerunner of the future and a sense of responsibility towards shaping the future.

Putting this all together might suggest that there is a strong connection towards valuing the more right-wing political ideals and this entity has a fighting energy to back it up.

Empty 3rd, 4th and 5th houses.

These three houses represent ideas like growing yourself, how you interact with authority and how you take risks in life. Seeing that there is no planetary influence, we just have the base signs to help guide us. The Taurus energy suggests that the entity is very practical with regards to how tools are used to enhance the work that it does. The Gemini adds a quick-wittedness and then influences how it deals with authority and the class system, showing that there is the ability to learn quickly and keep an open mind. When it comes to taking risks, the entity will be deeply intuitive and sensitive.

North Node in Leo in the 6th house.

This is the location that the entity is striving to get too. It represents the destiny of the situation or what this entity is striving to achieve. The node is in the sign of Leo with represents the natural born leader and the ability to put on a show. The house represents ‘the results of your actions’ which corresponds to health or sickness. Stated as an example, it might be, if you treat people bad all the time, you’re going to end up with no friends. If you break the law, you’re going to jail. If you spit in the wind, well, you get the idea.

I would interpret this as being an indication that this entity is working to bring justice.

Mars in Libra in the 7th house.

Mars is that fighting spirit, the policeman or warrior. It brings with it that drive to act out, violence, war, fire and aggression. It is the energy that represents how we go after what we want or how we react to conflict. It’s in Libra which tempers the aggression with a fair-minded, diplomatic, cooperativeness that leads towards harmony rather than conflict. Libra has as its backbone justice and equality and the idea that people should do whatever it takes to avoid conflict, thus keeping the peace. This energy is in the house of emotional attachments to others, friends and how the world sees you. This may indicate that those that watch what happens with this entity may see activities that support aggressively supporting just causes with the idea of bringing balance to the situation.

Venus in Libra in the 7th house.

Venus is just outside a conjunction, yet in the same sign and house. This planet carries the influence of the feminine spirit that helps with diplomacy, social and cultural affairs, entertainment, arts, glamour and contributions that benefit the organization. Like Mars in Libra, this feminine spirit will also be driven to uphold justice and equality. Also, being in the 7th house, this planet will help balance how this entity is seen with regards to its maleness or femaleness. Effectively, bringing balance to how the entity is seen.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th house.

The next sign that is going to carry a lot of weight for this entity is Scorpio. The types of traits that this will highlight will be resourcefulness, being brave, passionate and stubborn. Scorpio personalities love truth, facts and being right, they stand against dishonesty, revealing secrets and passive people. They are determined, decisive and will search until they find the truth. They are emotional and can be suspicious. Outwardly they are calm and cool, inwardly, full of emotion, yet they handle the emotion in a fixed, or stable way. This makes it easier for them to react rationally to a disaster or emotional calamity.

Before looking at the planet, let’s review the house for there are three influences that we’re going to want to review here. The 8th house is all about having to deal with emotional situations that are outside your control. Think of this house as the place where things happen to you that bring up emotions that test you down to the core. It is dealing with the death of a loved one or witnessing someone else go through some horrible or troubling event. This is the house of death, birth, taking and giving. On a larger scale, it’s more about what happens to everyone – thus mass death, plagues, war, etc.

So, now that we know the influence is to create someone that will be brave at getting to the facts behind things in situations that are emotionally troubling, we’ll look to see what is highlighted.

First up is Jupiter. This highlights abundance, law, the judicial system, religious figures, upper classes and material wealth. Think, over abundance of all these things. The when and how, or the finer details will be found as you look at the aspects that are made to this planet that we’ll want to watch for aspects via transits. Yet, it is in the house of death and out of control emotional experiences. All of this suggests that the entity will be well aware of legal activity, probably in the upper classes of society that lead to emotionally disturbing situations.

Sun in Scorpio in the 8th house.

The Sun is in the same house and sign. It represents the focal point of the chart, the leader, the supreme authority, the head, the leaders and anyone in positions of authority. Sense we’re looking at this from the point of view of an entity rather then a population, we should think of this as the focal point of the chart. This what the entity will focus on and how the entity will be seen. Review the aspects of Scorpio and the 8th house above.

Sun conjunct Jupiter.

Now we have a Sun Jupiter conjunction, this is going to amplify what Jupiter brings to the party making it visible for all to see. This is going to suggest that when this entity does something, it’s going to do it big and it will involve the upper classes, legal system, religion and money. We will want to watch anything that comes in conflict with this conjunction for it sits in the house of death.

Mercury in Scorpio in the 8th house.

Before we get away from the sign and house, we have to deal with the influences that Mercury brings to the entity. Mercury is all about communication. It is the messenger and has influence over everything that helps people communicate. This will bring it’s influence into all things that deal with publishing – newspapers and websites. It’s about the mind and intellect. Mass communication and transportation.

Here we should expect a communication style that is fair-minded and brave, yet it will probably deal with topics that are taboo or emotionally disturbing.

Empty 9th house.

The empty 9th house shows that there is nothing special to bring out about commitments to technology or higher education.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 10th house.

Saturn sits in the house of leadership. This is the house that shows the drive, dedication and mission of the entity. It shows the attributes that will help explain how this entity will govern its actions. Sagittarius brings in traits that show that this entity is idealistic, yet generous. It loves freedom, philosophy but dislikes being constrained, is agitated by the details and doesn’t like off-the-wall theories. It wants to be open minded and optimistic and wants to learn as much as it can about the world. Someone that identifies with Sagittarius will be someone that values freedom and all that freedom offers.

Now Saturn is the planet that brings up lessons. It deals in sickness, the elderly, funerals and anything else that would cause mass sadness. It also is connected to civil servants and it would be at home in the 8th house of death. Saturn is all about limitations, restrictions, responsibilities and the formal side of government.

All of this gives us a hint that the strong points of the leadership will come from a strong understanding of how to use restrictions and limitation to its advantage. It might be that the old and wise have an influence here, yet if you’re ruled by Saturn, everything will feel dark and hopeless. Fortunately, there is some balance from the sign which treasures freedom at all cost.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house.

The next house sits within the sign of Capricorn. The characteristics associated with this sign align with being responsible and disciplined. It’s about self-control and being a good manager. They like tradition and quality craftmanship, yet dislikes just about everything at some point in their life. This is paired with the influences that come from Pluto which is the planet of transformation. It brings in secret information, underworld activities, hidden societies, violence and secret police.

This energy sits in the 11th house which is all about the hopes and dreams associated with all your hard work. The 11th house is where your legacy is built, it’s how you structure your future so that it is sustainable. It’s about your vision, your life work and how others see your life work.

Here, all the dark hidden things in life are directly aligned with what this entity is working towards. All that secret information, underworld activity and hidden society stuff is directly at the heart of what this entity wants to address in some way or another. We might see this as wanting to be remembered for transforming some of these darker aspects of society or at least setting down structure or limitations (Saturn) in these areas.

Moon in Aquarius in the 12th house.

When we look at the Moon, we want to think about the common people, the mood of the people or what the people’s attention will be focused on. The Sun shows the focal point of the entity, the Moon shows the focal point of the people.

Here, we’re going to see that the people will be influenced by the traits of Aquarius. This includes taking the time to think deeply about something or to mentally process what the discussion is really about. Aquarians tend to be able to see things without prejudice or see the argument from both sides which makes it easier to solve the problems.

The complication is that the point of view is from the 12th house. This is the house that represents digestion, reset, fight, the occult and unquenchable desires. It is the house that’s thought of as the place where black magic happens. This house is ruled by Pluto, which is all about dark topics that no one wants to talk about.

To me, the biggest thing that stands out is that the people are in a position to have to digest what this entity is going to expose. There are things that the people will need to come to grips with before they can move on. Whether they love it, or hate it, whatever it is will be presented so that it can be processed. The good news is that the people will be a little more progressive about how they take it. The energy hints that it will be debated and intellectually processed rather then simply just being reacted too.

South node in Aquarius in the 12th house

Finally, found in the same house as the people, the South Node can be found. This shows a place where this entity ‘feels at home’ or a place where it ‘comes from.’ As we’ve seen in the above Moon section, the entity feels at home in this mysterious house of dark secrets and occult like activity. The node, being in this location, suggests that this entity has karmic understanding, or intuitive knowing that gives strength to what they are doing and how.

Aspects that stand out

The Sun Jupiter conjunction is opposed by Uranus.

Uranus, in this opposition position, is going to work to electrify the Sun Jupiter conjunction. It will amplify the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the entity in ways that are dynamic and explosive. This aspect also brings out the “major lesson in life: to gain freedom through responsibility rather than freedom from responsibility.” This accentuates the characteristics of the North Node in the 6th house. It will also highlight aspects of security as they align to the concept of freedom.

Venus in opposition to Uranus.

This highlights the idea that there is no rest for the wicked. Again, this aspect highlights freedom, yet from the point of view that relationships will be a whipsaw of excitement. It can create situations of overreaction to situations or quick endings to relationships.

Venus square Pluto.

Powerful emotions that can be healing for others.

Mercury square Moon.

This brings up a key interest in the past.

Moon trine Venus.

Committed to daily acts of caring.

Uranus trine Saturn.

Having a knack for bringing new ideas and inspiration into practice.

Moon Semisextile Pluto sextile Mercury.

The mind is deep and penetrating and there is a strong interest in anything secret, mysterious or hidden. There is a draw towards the esoteric or occult studies.

An Aquarius Leo Interception.

This shows that there is some underdeveloped characteristics in both of these signs. In the case of the North Node sitting in Leo, the interception is going to bring up a situation of ‘the caged lion.’ This is a situation of never having learned to roar, or that the idea of standing out in a crowd doesn’t really seem to be intuitive.

This would hint that, because this is the location of the destiny of the entity, the entity might be in a crippled position with regards to bringing the results, or not being in a position to close the deal. Its as if the entity can tell everyone about all the bad things that’s going on all over the place, but it can do nothing about it.

The interception in the 12th house reflects directly on the masses participating in this adventure. This influence will temper some of the creativity that the masses have with regards to analyzing the situation. There will be participation, but new ideas and the willingness to share them will be suppressed from an overall feeling that it will do no good to put energy into something that cannot be changed.

Final Summary

In order to make this report more useful, it’s worth tracking Q actions that make a large emotional impact on the population. By tracking the key ramifications of ‘his’ actions, we can get a better feel for how the planets influence this collective in time.

Follow along and share what is significant.


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