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2018 Solar Return for DigiByte

The solar return year for Digibyte starts on January 10th (or very near to that) every year. The energy influences of a solar return start to show up just before the date and then last nearly the full year. Solar returns tend to show the major influences that will play out during the year.

The write-up that I’ve done here is for January 10th 2018 until 2019 which means 10 months into the year that this report is for. This should make it easy to look back and see how the actions of the project fit the energies of influence.

Even though that can be done, I have not followed the Digibyte project very closely, thus there is no historical data about the project in this report. I would love to see YOU, as the reader, comment regarding what you’ve seen this project do so that we can refine how to interpret the energies of influence.

As always, my conclusions come first followed by the data.


The key thing that seems to stand out for this solar return year is that the energy is focused in a couple specific areas – it’s not scattered everywhere.

The first area that stands out is the energy around the leadership of the project or around the people that actually make the decisions regarding what this entity does. They will be drawn to think deeply about what they are doing and be tasked with figuring out exactly what needs to be done and what doesn’t. The energy that the leaders experience is aligned to the overall feeling of the project in that it will be seen as being managed well, is on a reasonable path and the right things are being considered. Even though there will be changes, the leaders will be seen in a softer feminine light which will make it seem less harsh or authoritarian.

The overall project will feel a little under the weather in that it will feel beaten down. There will be a time where the overall feeling will feel defeated. As if it’s just not worth it to spend hours on something that will not be appreciated. This will setup a short period of pause to reflect upon what is really important to the entire project. During this time, the project will be seen as ‘all bark, no bite’ in that things won’t manifest with impact, but rather soft and uneventful.

In the leadership realm, there will be strong motivating energy to get out and get involved. It will be a time of action as if to show where this entity stands in the grand scheme of things. The leaders will find themselves feeling as if they can actually publicize what they are doing and how the projects will have an impact. The act of leading is empowered, yet the communication is hindered or restricted. How it is said just doesn’t seem to have an impact.

The energy suggests that the technology itself will be centerstage. This is going to be an area that will have its emotional highs and lows. The chaotic influences are focused around the details with regards to how the entity refines the technology in order to become more efficient or productive. It’s as if there will be battles here and where different ideas will be suggested, but criticized creating the illusion of strife that really doesn’t exist.

This is a favorable year with regards to how this project is viewed by the public. The public will seem to intuitively get what’s going on and be willing to listen to what they are told. The people are in a great state to be receptive to learning what it’s all about. Better yet, they are emotionally receptive to what is being done which will help build loyalty from the masses.

As much as this entity wants to make friends this year, the energy is showing that this will be difficult. The friendship energy is simply coming across as timid. There is no emphasis on taking risks or any internal conflicts showing that the management seems to be unified and on track. There is no emphasis in the ‘house of death’ suggesting that this year should be relatively uneventful with regards to having to react to things that are outside the control of the project.

Expect the leaders to seriously cut the pork, refine the technology and show solid leadership.

Now, if you’re interested in how I came to this conclusion, feel free to read over the below interpretation and draw your own conclusion. Or simply, comment below.



Supporting Data

DigiByte Solar Return Wheel 2018

DigiByte Solar Return 2018

Around the Clock

Ascendant Capricorn

For this year, the overall personality influences will come from Capricorn. This is a well disciplined and responsible energy. The entity should show self-control and the whole organism should be seen as being good managers or stewards of the technology. Decisions will generally be made from an optimistic viewpoint. Yet when it comes down to it, the first house has an intercepted Aquarius that is highlighted by Juno and the South Node. This interception will give the feeling of being beaten down to the point of feeling that it’s just not worth the work to bring in new ideas or to be original at the current moment. The South Node will support that in showing that when the entity retreats, it will end up in a place where it will feel as if it’s given up on its original ideas and independence. Juno, in this interception, should bring in a questioning of long-term relationships and what they mean from a point of self-identity.

In opposition to this we have the counter Leo interception with Ceres and the North Node. The hidden Leo energy will create that situation of ‘all talk, no action’ which is frustrating to the whole and tends to prohibit making forward progress. Ceres is about nurturing, feeding, taking care of things and it’s in the house of relationships which will probably bring in a situation where they only give lip service to the responsibilities that they have regarding their partnerships or community projects. At the same time, this location holds their North Node showing that this is the exact thing that they should be focusing on, which may make the entity feel like the wheels are spinning but it’s going nowhere.

MC in Scorpio

When it comes to the work that is being done, it’s influenced by the traits of Scorpio for the year. This will make them seem like they can be a real friend, they will show that they are resourceful, brave and passionate. Being trine Neptune, this will show that there is lots of creativity that will be applied towards the work that is done. The entity will be extra careful in the work that is done and will show a receptiveness to feedback from others.

This is supported in that the Moon is conjunction the Midheaven. This hints that the masses using the project or following along will have feedback, even if it’s just in an emotional way. It also shows that the work that is being done will be more public. It’s as if the public could really wake up to what this crypto has to offer during this year. And, seeing that it’s in the 9th house, it will be as if the public is schooled as to what this coin is all about and how it works.

Sun Venus Pluto Conjunction

The first of the major conjunctions is located in the sign of Capricorn. This matches the rising sign which shows responsibility, discipline and self-control. Keep in mind that the 12th house is that which rules the point in a cycle when you seriously think about, and react to, getting rid of the things that do no serve you or you dive even deeper into doing whatever you have to do in order to get the desire fulfilled.

With this in mind, this is what the leaders of this entity are indicated to be focused on. This is a year that will focus on making a transformation, or fighting to survive, or investigating what serves the entity and what doesn’t. It is deep introspection regarding what purpose do they serve, yet it these thoughts will be done internally, rather then publicly. There could be the feeling of self-doubt, or experiencing loss or complications in business.

Bringing Venus into the conjunction, it shows the focus of the leadership will be on what is beautiful, artistic and luxurious. There may be a strong desire to make their immediate situation more comfortable all the way down to the type of clothes that they wear. The leaders will have that aura of being lovable at this time.

Yet the most significant aspect of this conjunction is that Pluto will have a major influence because it’s at home in this house. The influence that Pluto brings in will cause deep down hidden, repressed and secret desires to surface. It can bring out a noticeable change in the personalities of the leaders. This aspect hints that there will be radical changes in the leadership of the project or it will draw out underlying objectives that will seem new in order to drive new changes for the coming year. Under pressure, this energy will create friction in the form of worry and dislike regarding things that are not working. It could bring out a period of time where all the leaders want to do is repair that which isn’t working as expected.

The conjunction being so close to the ascendant hints that the changes that need to be made are almost over. It will bring a feeling that ‘the future is looking bright.’

Mercury Saturn Conjunction

Before moving on from the 12th house, we’ll want to look at Saturn’s influence. This is going to bring up a period of time where the entity wants to be alone. It can lead to self-criticism or bring up feelings of inferiority which may not be based on reality.

What complicates this is that Saturn is conjunct Mercury which is all about communications. The communication energy is still rooted in Sagittarius which will be generous and idealistic. Yet it also brings in the influence of promising more than can be delivered or saying things no matter how undiplomatic it may be. Mercury is sitting in the 11th house which is all about the legacy that this entity brings to the world.

This suggests that there could be limitations or restrictions on what is actually delivered during the year. Or, more likely, there will be talk about delivering something grandiose, but behind the scenes there is doubt that it could ever be accomplished. Having issues with communication is also supported by the interceptions of the 1st and 7th houses. They all hint that there will be talk, but it could be more than they can deliver.

Eris Uranus Pallas Conjunction

Spinning the chart to Aries, we find a three-way conjunction on Uranus. Aries is the fire sign that brings out that courageous, determined fighter. It will bring a confidence to these planets that will bring out leadership characteristics or physical challenges. They are going to be active, so we expect them to go to work. The 3rd house shows that the energy will be directed towards refining their own skills and talents. This house brings energy towards incorporating what others have learned and the tools or techniques that make you more efficient at getting what you value.

The planetary influences from Uranus may go further than just the scientific innovation, but it might also overflow into administrative work or even bring out the rebel that wants to fight for something new. Seeing that Eris is sitting conjunct Uranus, we would expect chaos to be thrown into the mix for it is the asteroid of discord. It is the asteroid that brings in that fight to survive attitude.

The one thing that can help tame the explosive influence of Uranus and the Chaos of Eris, is the cerebral, strategic warrior and a peaceful general Pallas. This influence will bring balance to this conjunction which will channel the energy towards a meaningful point of focus. Pallas is going to get things started in an inventive, inspiration way.

Mars Jupiter Conjunction

The next major sign of influence is Scorpio. This is a fixed water sign that bring out a brave, passionate type of true friend that likes the truth, being right and having fun, but not at the other person’s expense. They can be jealous and secretive, but are known for their calm, cool behavior. We now take these traits and apply them towards the aspects of this entity that the 10th house represents. This 10th house deals with the drive, passion and authority that the entity brings forth in order to accomplish its mission. This is the house that represents how the leaders will apply their skills for driving the project forward.

Here, we see a powerful combination of Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the warrior, solder or professional athlete. It’s a strong masculine energy that will stand up for the fight, and, in this case, most likely stand up for what is right and truthful. This fighting energy is tied up with the planet of abundance to really make it stand out. Jupiter deals with the judicial world, wealth and bankers, advisors, teachers and the like which could make this a good time to develop framework or legal structures that will hold up in time. Just outside this conjunction, we find Vesta, the virgin Goddess. She brings focus, dedication, mental clarity and self-respect to the situation. This influence may help bring out things that are hidden so that they can be addressed and rectified. The three influences together make for a period of time where the leadership is strong and focused to the point of making of big impact on the project.


Sun Venus Pluto Conjunction Square Eris Uranus Pallas Conjunction

This square between the Sun Venus Pluto conjunction and the Eris Uranus Pallas one will setup a period of time where there will be a strong, motivating sense of dissatisfaction in the way things have been going. The chaos and explosive energy from Uranus and Eris will agitate the leaders bring in a heightened sense of stress. This will be the key sense of friction that will last for longer then expected because it’s derived off of slow-moving planets.

Sun Venus Pluto Conjunction sextile Mars Jupiter Conjunction

This sextile aspect is going to energize the leadership with the feeling that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind too. Mars is going to bring favorable energy giving the leaders courage and confidence to make all transformations or address that which no longer serves its purpose towards the ultimate goals. Jupiter is going to make this process very easy. It will bring a sense of euphoria that will make the leaders feel that they will succeed at anything they set out to do. It will bring favorable legal situations or situations will be settled in a satisfactory way.

Moon Trine Neptune

This is going to setup a situation where the people involved in this project will feel more receptive to the ideals of the project and be willing to go along with the plans. They will feel more connection to the goals and feel like the future is evolving in the right direction. The people will just intuitively understand what’s going on and feel that it will be a successful year.

Eris Uranus Pallas Conjunction Trine Mercury Saturn Conjunction

This trine is going to channel the new understandings that develop from a more focused study of how to improve its own efficiency into its house of hopes and dreams which is where Mercury sits as the messenger of communications. This is a favorable trine because it sits just outside the scope of Saturn. This frees up the communication in ways that should allow the entity to build more energy towards the long-term goals or to work towards building its legacy.

Final Summary

This report was done without researching the events that have already transpired this year. If you know what’s been happening with this project, I would love to see a short summary from you. If you can include dates, that will help keep all the info aligned so that future reports can benefit from your contribution.


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