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2019 Solar Return for DigiByte

This is a forward looking mundane solar return astrology interpretation for the cryptocurrency Digibyte. The energies of influence last nearly a year starting January 10th, 2019.

Feel free to follow along with me as I track this coin over the coming year. It will be interesting to see how the project operates in the different influences that are coming it’s way.

With no further ado.


What I’m seeing in this upcoming solar return is a strong, fight for your very survival energy that has turned towards building relationships that will be long lasting and serious.

The energies are nearly fully over the top of the chart showing that the upcoming year will be focused on what this project does for, and with, others on an emotional and intellectual level. There should be lots of thinking and lots of playing, but it’s all with the goal of building alliances.

Expect deals to be made, partnerships announced and agreements reached as the year unfolds. The planets are aligned so that this project finds partners. It will feel natural and obvious as they unfold, yet behind the scenes there is a strong desire, a fighting for survival type of drive that is pushing to make sure this happens.

The leaders are focused on trying to make money they will do so through building community, particularly by teaching people how they can use this technology to transform the world. They will feel comfortable telling their story and teaching, but they are on a tight leash as if knowing that everything could fall away I an instant.

The masses playing along are in a venerable position of not being able to stay grounded and practical. The masses will most likely see the deals that are being made and imagine what it can mean rather than to logically work out what it means. This can create a sense of excitement that could lead to financial losses.

It’s also worth noting what is not specifically highlighted in this chart. There really isn’t any change with regards to what the project values or considers valuable. Even though the leaders want to refine how they make money there are no real changes from previous years. The house of family and authority is unconflicted or natural and the house of risk taking is not in the spotlight. The entire bottom of the chart doesn’t have ‘me’ highlighted which shows that this upcoming year is all about getting out and being seen.

If I were an investor, I would spend extra time analyzing what the partnerships mean and what they can do in a reasonable, logical way. The chart suggests that the work done this year will have larger impacts in following years, but this year the public is in a position to imagine what will happen rather than actually see it happen.

Now, here is the information that I used to determine my conclusion.


Supporting data

Previous reports:

This report data:

Around the Clock

Taurus Rising with Juno on the ascendant

The tone that will drive the overall feelings for this project over 2019 comes from a stable, practical earth sign. The Taurus energy brings in that reliable, devoted, romantic characteristic that loves quality goods and experiences. When push comes to shove, this energy is stubborn and uncompromising. It brings in the feeling of knowing that you want or love and the focus to stick to it in order to manifest the desire. The ruling planet is Venus and it is in the house of relationships which will create an attraction that feels natural.

Virtually on the Ascendant, we find Juno the patron of relationships and true love. This energy will bring in that feeling that the project needs to find the perfect match or the partnership that is made in heaven. Being right on the Ascendant, its going to bring the ability to identity with security, loyalty, building & sticking to goals and being able to identify these characteristics in a partner. There will be a very good understanding with regards to what a dollar will buy and how to apply that value. This energy is amplified in Taurus bringing in an element of instinct or intuition with regards to knowing exactly who to choose to team up with.

Having this energy deeply embedded into the identity of the project will make it really easy understand which relationships are worth it and which ones are not. When it comes to partnerships, this energy will bring the willingness to stand up and support those that they work with and they will do so in that stable, devoted, practical fashion.

North Node in the 3rd house

Spinning the wheel into the 3rd house, we find the North Node. This represents where this project wants to go this year. The 3rd house suggests that the desire is to drive towards perfection, refinement, enhancing the skills that it takes to get everything that the project values. We should be able to see tangible, measurable progress made towards communicating and displays of project wide refinement.

Pallas in the 6th house

The 6th house is the location where the stars show what the results of your actions will be. It can be thought of as the location in the chart that shows the ‘effect’ for the ‘cause.’ Basically, if the project is out of balance, this location would show if it’s going to fall over. Or if the behavior has been poisonous, this is where it would show if it’s going to get sick.

Here, we find the weaver of patterns and the peaceful general that links things together. Pallas is a home in Libra for it brings in the gift of intellectual and strategic foresight. Pallas is the feminine energy that knows how to interact in a male world. This is a great place for diplomacy and conflict management. This energy can help with seeing how others work and what makes them tick.

This placement suggests that there is a level of maturity that will come forth as a result of what has already been done throughout the overall community. This would symbolize that past actions are bearing fruit during this year or the project will be in a healthy state.

Abundance in the 7th house

The first real clustering of energy in this chart sits in the 7th house. This house is about relationships, how you express yourself to others and making emotional commitments. It’s the house where you get outside yourself and express who you are.

The first influence that we have comes from Scorpio. This sign brings with it energy that is brave, resourceful and the willingness to form deeper friendships. This sign likes the truth, facts and being right. It will keep secrets in a way to build trust and build bonds.

The influence that comes in on this sign is a nurturing, motherly energy. Ceres bring in that understanding of knowing what it is that helps you feel good and the willingness to follow through with it. It’s a ‘hard working go with the flow’ type of energy that has a natural understanding of the cycles of things. Being in Scorpio, there is a desire to be part of something big and to use the energy to make transformative changes in the relationship.

The next two influences come from Sagittarius which is generalized as being generous, idealistic and freedom loving. This influence will bring out a natural curiosity and an open mind or a philosophical approach to things.

Here we find Venus, the planet of feminine love, artistic qualities, and entertainment. This is the planet of peace and diplomacy. It is a natural with regards to money, particularly when it comes to spending it, and brings with it glamour and fashion for the finer things in life.

Next, we find Jupiter which brings abundance. It is associated with the law, legal proceedings, ceremonies, judicial organizations and religious organizations. It can be thought of as good fortune, wisdom and knowledge.

Considering this collection, this is a powerful and focused group of harmonic energies that suggest that there will be a lot of time spent building relationships over the coming year. Yet it’s not just building them, but the energy comes in to show that there will be understanding, wisdom and a natural understanding regarding how to really make the relationships work. This energy is large suggesting that there is not just one relationship, but many that will come into being during the year. Having planets here is like announcing to the world that the project is looking to setup long term relationships and they better not waist time coming to the table.

The influences in this house are confirmed by the energies that we find in the 1st and 6th houses. This project is ready for relationships and this project is going to come in with a strong understanding of what it needs and what it wants.

Mercury Saturn Conjunction in 8th and 9th houses

The next major influence comes through the sign of Capricorn. This sign is characterized as being responsible, disciplined, good managers, family oriented and traditional with an eye towards quality craftsmanship.

The first area of influence is the field of communication located in the 8th house. This suggest that there are challenges in this area for the coming year. The house placement hints that what is said or how it is heard will be emotional. Think of this house as the location where the entity has to deal with emotional situations in which it has no control. It may have to deal with breaking some types of attachments or mourn the loss of something dear. This placement could make it a little harder to negotiate deals for the opponent will be able to read the emotion that the project cannot hold back.

To go with this, the conjunction probably gives a better understanding to what will need to be dealt with. Saturn is the planet of restriction, restraint, lessons, what is old, sickness, funerals, limitations and governmental regulations.

Saturn is just into the 9th house which suggest the influences will manifest in the intellectual pursuits of education, learning & teaching technology. It will highlight the types of activities that go into building a high society, valuing a high society and using tools to share with others so that everyone benefits.

Bringing Saturn and Mercury together suggests that there may be road blocks or limitations with regards to how the entity is able to communicate it’s understanding or how to teach it’s understanding to the world. It’s as if there might be the thumb of regulation sitting over what they do dampening how they are able to share. At the same time, this could be a learning experience for the entity in that they are going through some significant learning that they are finding hard to share.

Pluto Sun Conjunction in 9th house

Still in Capricorn, we find that the leaders of the project will have their attention focused on everything that deals with higher learning to the point of taking it on the road. The Sun is going to bring out a philosophical approach to intellectual pursuits that all work at expanding and developing a higher understanding of how to work as a community.

Where Saturn brings restrictions that are tied to communication, the Sun is going to bring transformation because it’s tied to Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation and the underworld. This planet deals with upheavals, secrets, the occult, hidden resources, rebirth and, basically, everything that is dirty and dark that people try to keep hidden.

Being in this almost perfect conjunction is going to shine the light on the darkness. Keep in mind that this energy comes in under the traits of Capricorn, thus the leaders will be seen as disciplined with an eye towards quality workmanship. This conjunction shows that at the heart of the leadership, they will probably be seen as revolutionary in their approach to conveying their ideas or in showing how to use their technology to transform elements of society.

Pluto will also bring out into the open any type of secret that still remains hidden by the ruling elite of this project. If discipline is not maintained, there could be outbursts that seem to come from a subconscious level that will need to be addressed or processed.

There is also some link over to Saturn which can limit how things are done or what the reach is or impact is. This may reduce the ability for the leaders to concentrate and stay focused.

During this year, the South Node indicates that this area of the chart will be the area of the most comfort, or where the entity finds its strength when it regroups.

Vesta in 10th house

The lone influence from Aquarius is located in the 10th house of leadership. Here we have the types of traits like fighting for others, being original, progressive and independent.

Vesta brings with it mental clarity and self-respect. This feminine energy brings the type of focus that can break things down into their individual components so they can be analyzed and processed. It brings in the type of focus that is particularly detailed on the level of accounting, numbers and puzzles. Being positioned here, the planet also brings in a selfless quality of putting other’s needs above its own.

This is a nice aspect to have influencing the house of leadership. It shows that there will be a willingness to pay attention to the details, but not push to hard.

Moon Neptune conjunction in 11th house

The next influence comes from the compassionate, artistic, intuitive space of Pisces. This is a gentle sensitive location that is accepting and open to the bazar. The ruling planet is Neptune, which just so happens to be conjoined here. Neptune is associated with things that are undisclosed, large institutions, charities, all liquids, left-wing political ideals, illicit behavior and loss. The Moon, as you know, represents the masses or what will be the focus of the masses.

This conjunction falls into the 11th house which deals with the ultimate dreams and wishes of this project. It is about honor and legacy and how the project can live beyond itself or how it can reach the world.

This seems to indicate that the masses watching this particular project will probably live in an ethereal world of dreams where they will self-generate energy with regards to what they wish on the project rather than what is. It’s as if there is energy here for their minds to run away with the situation. It creates a state of feedback towards being more idealistic then usual. It creates situations where things are not seen to clearly or realistically. It would bring up the idea that the masses could be deceived easier than normal.

This conjunction will be amped up by its links over to the relationship house to Jupiter. It would seem that the people will see deals being made with partners and they will let it run their imagination to the point of thinking that this project really could revolutionize the world. Caution should be taken here for the link is hard rather than soft.

The Moon square Jupiter aspect brings in an influence that will make the masses unusually generous which could lead to situations of liability or debts or following through with financial obligations. There may be an attraction to speculative business opportunities based on emotion rather than practical due diligence which could lead to financial loss, failure or even scandal.

The good news is that the Moon is sextile Mercury which indicates that rational thinking will be in balance. Yes, the people will be emotional, but will also think logically so as to not be taken on a ride. It is a good time for the people to listen and be sensitive. If so, what is learned during this time can be the foundation for a favorable business relationship.

Chiron and Mars round out 11th house

The last influence from Pisces is Chiron, the wounded healer. This brings with strength through suffering. It brings new perspectives from the point of view of understanding what pain is. In the placement of Pisces, everything is a crisis. This may bring up the feeling of being a victim or attract to it those that are down on their luck. It’s placement in the 11th house suggests that achieving the ultimate dreams and securing their legacy (in this year) may be hindered by the energy of being a victim.

Yet the fighting drive of Mars is in the 11th house in the sign of Aries. This is a courageous planet in a courageous sign in a courageous house indicating that there will be drive to get things done. Mars if favorably linked to the leaders pushing them to excel with their plans and linked to Venus which will help drive their work towards partnerships. Unfortunately, it’s also linked to the communication conjunction in a hard, agitated way. The communication may be fired up, yet be blocked by limitations.

Uranus and Eris in 12th house

There are two more influences coming from Aries, both in the 12th house. As a reminder, the 12th house deals with the completion of a cycle energy where what has happened is digested in order to figure out what should be kept and what should be discarded in order to make forward progress. It’s also the house of panic to acquire what you want at all costs.

The first influence that we find is Eris, the asteroid of strife and discord. Bring in Aries it is going to be a fighter. This asteroid brings out that fight for your life type of energy that can erupt in violence if triggered.

This is brought together with Uranus which is the planet of electricity, explosions, rioting, right-wing political, free-market, urge towards individualism and scientific breakthroughs.

Uranus is linked over to the leadership in a square that should bring out the fiery nature of this planetary influence. I would expect this link to instill into the management of this project the feeling that this is a fight to the death. It’s the type of energy that one would go into a battle knowing that you have to give it everything that you’ve got all the time or you will be run over and left for dead. I would see this as a highly motivating type of energy directed towards the leadership of the project.

Notable Aspects

Sun Pluto conjunction trine the ascendant

This aspect is going to give strength to the leadership in a stabilizing, grounded type of way. The energies are rooted deep that it is time to create partnerships in order to survive. This is supported by the sextile and semisextile links from the leadership to the relationship house. The nurturing energy at the core of identity also gives a more balanced tone to all the aspects across the top of the chart.

The overall feeling from this aspect will be one that builds enthusiasm for what they are working on and energize is in a synergetic way. It will help with the attraction energy which will attract people from all over the world.

Mars trine Venus

The Mars energy is channeled well for the upcoming year. The trine to Venus will fire up the attraction energy and make this project look appealing. As discussed above, Mars is also linked to the leadership firing up the ability for the leaders to shine their light on the darkness.

Final Summary

Today is the first of November 2018. This solar return is triggered come the 10th of January 2019. As we get into the upcoming year, I will attempt to point of transits of interest for this crypto in a timely manner.

You can help by tracking events or partnership announcements and posting that info in the comments. I would love to be able to look back to see what types of transits influenced the actions in order to refine these reports.

Now it’s time to wait and watch.


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