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Astrology Calendar up to January 6th

In the following video I’m looking ahead to find key energetic periods of time that astrologers might want to look out for.

As it turns out, the energetic clusters align to the moon for the next few weeks.

New Moon Dec 7th

  • By definition, Sun and Moon conjunct
  • Mars and Neptune conjunct
  • Uranus Eris and Lilith all conjunct
  • Mercury trine Chiron
  • Sun Moon square Mars Neptune
  • Venus square Vesta
  • Pluto square Eris

Full Moon Dec 22nd

  • Mercury Jupiter conjunct
  • Mars Chiron conjunct
  • Uranus Eris conjunct
  • By definition, Sun Moon opposition
  • Venus trine Neptune
  • Sun & Moon square Chiron
  • Pluto Eris square

New Moon Jan 6th

  • By definition, Sun and Moon conjunct
  • Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto all conjunct
  • Mars conjunct Chiron
  • Uranus conjunct Eris
  • Venus trine Chiron
  • Mercury square Mars Chiron conjunction
  • Eris square Pluto

To me, the most interesting collection is the last one come the new moon of January 2019. That period of time should be worth writing about ahead of time.


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