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Energies for the Dec 7th New Moon

In this report, I’m looking at the planetary configuration that plays out on the December New Moon. I pointed out that this would be a critical date to look at in my previous astrology calendar post.

As always, I provide my summary before the actual report.


This next Moon cycle comes in with a bang! We have three strong conjunction situations that should expose some dark secrets that will make people fighting mad and spark the defenders of the secrets to spring into action to ‘fix’ the problem.

The overall theme of this alignment seems to be that there will be the release of explosive information that comes from the more demonic realms that will trigger men to protest and women to cry. The larger masculine energy is wrapped up with dreamy, etheric Neptunian influences that will remove all logic from their actions. Where as the feminine energy is supported by the warrior goddess which will keep women thinking logically, diplomatically, yet at odds to understanding what the men are doing. Men will act emotionally, women will think it through.

The secrets that are revealed come from a very dark place. To a child, it is that dark place under the bed or in the basement that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The release should be explosive and come with the assistance of technology. When it is released, there will be a mad scramble to cover up what happened or make it disappear. The ‘fixers’ will be in full force to put the genie back in the bottle.

Even if there is nothing explosive released, there is a fight brought to us through the Mars Neptune conjunction. Neptune rules oil and gas, Mars is a street fighter in this conjunction.

Uranus is in retrograde aligning to last April and May. If you remember, the issues in the news where sexual abuse and nuclear war with Korea. The sexual abuse stuff was quietly suppressed while the nuclear war issue was handled with peace talks. I would expect the sexual issues to come up again to be addressed.

Venus stands in opposition to the Uranus conjunction supporting the idea that this next moon cycle will be all about the demonic uses of feminine energy or the abuse of women. The level-headed female warrior is over central Europe, the larger feminine energies of Venus is over Israel and the Ukraine, The motherly energies of Ceres cover Moscow.

Mercury is not well aspected at this time suggesting that the issues that come out will not be media events but rather real events that will be acted upon.

We’re also only seeing a minor aspect to Saturn suggesting that there are little to no restrictions on the actions that play out. It is as if the only thing being held back is the woman warrior spirit. That fighter will feel held down while the events of the month play out.

With that, here is how I came to this conclusion.

Chart of the Stars

Key Observations

There are a number of interesting planetary arrangements that are worth looking at for the new moon. We have three nearly perfect conjunctions each with activating aspects. Let’s see if we can put them all together.

Let’s take each conjunction in turn.

Sun Conjunct Moon 15 degrees Sagittarius

To start with, the new moon happens in Sagittarius. This is a generous, freedom loving, idealistic sign that that doesn’t like off-the-wall theories or being constrained. It tends to bring up situations where things are promised that can’t be delivered or create situations where things are said no matter how undiplomatic they are. The ruling planet for this sign is Jupiter and it just so happens to be amplifying this sign as it sits just outside the conjunction.

The New Moon conjunction also signifies the beginning of something new. It’s the time to planet seeds or lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest. It’s the time to set intentions for what you want to come your way. It is also a point of amplification between the male and female aspects of all things. It is the point where the energies come back together in order to start the next cycle.

Thinking of this, we look at the degree – 15. In the Tarot system, 15 is The Devil. This is a card that deals with practicing the arts of the physical. It is animalistic, tantric and full of passion and how you escape from bondage. From a numerology point of view, it deals with family, harmony and idealism.

This conjunction also represents a period of time where those that lead come together with those that follow in order to resync in order to lay the foundation for the next lunar cycle.

This conjunction might suggest that this next cycle will have to do with family issues or how people get along. There will be a focus on idealistic characteristics and how they come to play in our lives for this next lunar cycle. We’re also dealing with the Tarot Devil which is the escape from bondage or the exploration of the more animalistic aspects of humanity. We may find that we’ll have to deal with subjects that are considered taboo our outside what is culturally accepted during this next cycle.

Let’s keep this in mind as we look at the square conjunction.

Mars Conjunct Neptune

These two planets are in Pisces which is a softer water sign. On the better side, this sign will bring in traits that align to being intuitive, gentle and compassionate. On the darker side, being fearful, sad, desiring to escape reality or being a victim. Overall, it’s a friendly, wise sign that is ruled by Neptune. It is a sign that is in touch with the natural life cycles which helps bring emotional stability to situations.

What do the planets represent? Mars is fighting, violence, riots, armed conflict, aggression, war, military action and that overall fighting spirit. Neptune rules the sea, ships, water, fraud, large institutions, charities, gas, oil, left-wing political ideals such as socialism and communism. It’s also linked to mobs, secret plots and sedition.

Bringing these two planets together, we’ll want to be aware that the aggressive energy that Mars brings will most likely be activated based on perceived situations that Neptune can make us dream about rather than actual ones. Neptune accentuates the aspects of Pisces which may make people react from feelings rather than logic.

I would expect that this conjunction will mark a period of time of emotional instability that will be highlighted with mob-like violence. It is action without logic. It is pushing because the crowd is doing it. It is a period of time where the masculine warrior will lift his hands to fight yet he doesn’t think out the fight – it just happens.

Expect to see aggression on the water or issues with regards to oil and gas.

Now let’s look at the third conjunction.

Uranus Eris & Lilith conjunction in Aries

Here we have three influences stacking up in a sign of fire that brings out a courageous, confident, enthusiastic and optimistic type of characteristics. Aries likes to step into roles of leadership, be impulsive and aggressive. These energies are also impatient, moody, aggressive and doesn’t like delays.

Uranus is the planet of technology and sudden change. It is electricity, innovation, invention, independence, unexplained events along with rebellion, strikes and anarchy. It deals with sudden changes in the weather and explosions.

It’s important to know that Uranus is in retrograde and doesn’t sit still until the next New Moon of January. The retrograde motion could suggest that there were unfinished events that Uranus is coming back to finish. Uranus turned retrograde back in august and the last direct time at this degree was the end of April (26-27) 2018. A quick search reminds me that US Korean tensions & resolution was in the air and Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault. Also note that Uranus deals with right-wing political issues and the same source points out far-right terrorism in the UK too. (Link to other topics:

At the same time, we have Waldemath’s Lilith (or the dark moon Lilith) directly conjunct Uranus. Lilith is the home of the darkest demons that need to be channeled correctly in order to prevent the destructive forces from lashing out. This energy can be likened to witches, dragons and gremlins that will willingly perform the nasty deeds that someone wearing a white hat would never consider doing and even have a hard time considering.

Within the same conjunction, we have the asteroid of strife and discord. Eris brings with it the no-holds-barred fight for continued existence which embraces violence and the concept that all nature’s children need to kill in order to eat.

If you’re getting the picture, this trio is setup to explosively activate the dark demons in a fight for survival. Being up against Uranus, it’s bound to be explosive. Being involved with Lilith, it’s bound to be some dirty secret.

I would think that this triple conjunction is just waiting to be triggered by something. When it does, expect it to come through high technology. Because the technology is linked to Lilith, I would expect it to funnel out of some secret surveillance project or a three-letter intelligence organization or the pretending that it did. We should expect it to be demonic or clearly at odds with the accepted cultural norms. And, whatever it is that hits like an explosion will be greeted with a powerful force that will try to fix things up or hide what happened or adjust the wording so as to downplay the opposition so that the guilty will not be seen as being so bad.

Yes, technology will be involved in the event, but don’t expect it to be a mass media event. Mercury is in a position to not comprehend or understand exactly what happened.

Now, what’s triggering these three conjunctions?

Sun & Moon Square (~90°) Mars & Neptune

The first two conjunctions covered above are aligned in a square. This square is going to create a condition of agitation. It will amplify the anxiety or nervous excitement. There may be a period of time here where people will be more willing to forgo logic and follow their emotions in aggressive ways rather than wait to see how it all plays out.

Because the square is directly against the Sun & Moon, we have to think both the leaders and the masses will be motivated into action. Neptune may suggest that there are illicit activities or fraud that larger institutions may have to fight to keep under wraps while the people’s attention may be drawn to mob violence or larger demonstrations that are emotionally impacting and visual.

In any case, it’s a softer kind of violence or the violence that makes you want to cry rather then kill someone. Keep in mind that Sagittarius can be challenged when it comes to being diplomatic. This could suggest that a single word could trigger people into reacting or acting badly.

When I think about this square, I think fist fights, teargas and the throwing of rocks rather then all out war.

Don’t lose track that the Sun Moon degree brings up the family and issues that would be considered taboo.

Let’s take a deeper look at the aspects of the third conjunction.

Venus Opposition (~180°) Uranus, Eris and Lilith

Venus is in Scorpio. This is a strong water sign that can be passionate, yet stubborn. This energy likes being truthful and right. It dislikes dishonest or the revealing of secrets. It treasures the bonds of deep, true friendships.

This planet also represents the strong feminine energy and artistic abilities. It deals with entertainment, sports, music, diplomacy, marriage and leisure time activities. It also tends to deal with financial, social and cultural affairs.

This suggests that there is a high probability that the explosive information will be opposed to what Venus stands for. Thus, expect dishonesty, or the breaking of deal that exposes a dirty secret that has a larger impact. Again, this comes around to something that stands outside the contract of marriage or has to do with leisure time activities that are not acceptable. Venus also deals with value, thus the issues that come up could expose issues in financial organizations that are explosive.

Mercury Quincunx (~150°) Uranus and Lilith

We also have the planet of communications, mental thought and logical thinking standing to turn direct at a nearly perfect quincunx to the Uranus Lilith conjunction. When dealing with a quincunx, you want to think about redirecting, challenging, diverting or making adjustments to situations. It’s a pleasure turning to pain type of aspect.

This is going to suggest that when the explosive information is revealed, their will be organized effort put forth by the media to redirect the public or divert attention away from the issue.

Mars & Neptune Semisquare (~45°) Uranus and Lilith

We have another semisquare between two conjunctions. This time we have the irrational fighting energy of the Neptune Mars conjunction in a position to drive agitation, conflict and the necessity of action into the issues that Lilith and Uranus expose.

This might suggest that there are explosive dark secrets that are held by individuals that are frantically fighting to keep them hidden because they stand in direct opposition to the honesty that Venus fights for. Venus is demanding the truth and calling it out. Mercury shows that those fighting to keep the darkness hidden will use diversionary tactics and adjust as they go along so as to constantly adjust the curtain in an effort to keep things under wrap. This process will not happen without emotional impact for Mars and Neptune are in a position to really accentuate the agitation and motivate those that need to keep the secrets hidden.

Venus Square (~90°) Vesta

Its noted, Venus is in opposition to the Uranus Eris and Lilith conjunction, but it’s also in play with Vesta in Aquarius. Remember that this asteroid is the sister of Jupiter or the virgin goddess which is focus and dedication. She rules over locks, keys, security, investments, insurance, inheritance along with the purity side of sexuality, chastity, and devotion. When in a dissident situation, there is fear of intimacy, family troubles and problems with secrets.

Being in Aquarius, this asteroid is friendly, open and moved by ideals for freedom and individualism. Yet when agitated, there is the tendency to be more aloof, intellectually isolated and avoiding of intimacy.

Bringing this aspect in to play, we have influences regarding the purity of sexuality and the concept of security and the fear of intimacy all in an agitated position with Venus that is the feminine planet of the arts, diplomacy and femininity. Which is in a hard aspect to the explosive Uranus Lilith perfect conjunction that is all about demons, dark desires that must be suppressed at all costs.

This would suggest to me that we may go through another period of time where we will hear about sexual deviant behavior, but the experience will not be a low-level event. There are explosive characteristics to it followed by the fight to ‘fix’ the problem by all means necessary. If not deviant sexual behavior, there could be something exposed dealing with family secrets or even financial and spiritual security. The concept of purity will be challenged as Lilith gets its opportunity to come to life in this configuration.

The Pluto Influences

The planet of transformation and ruler of the dark underworld remains in Capricorn which is a grounded earth sign. It brings in the traits of being responsible, disciplined and displayed self-control.

This planet is in a harmonious aspect with Juno in Taurus. This asteroid has great influence over the weather, things that bloom, female genitalia, women’s rights, spousal abuse, unfairness and issues of denial or betrayal. Seeing that Juno is in Taurus, it’s going to naturally want to deal with security, loyalty, harmony and sensuality.

Pluto is also square Eris with, again, is the asteroid of strife and discord. This is the asteroid that signifies the energy of being backed into a corner and you do anything that you can to survive the situation.

This trio shows that there are once again aspects dealing specifically with female issues that will surface so that it can be transformed yet there is strong resistance to this happening. We could see this play out as betrayal, spousal abuse or sexual abuse where there will be a strong effort to hide or disguise what is really happening. Keep in mind that Eris is in the conjunction of Uranus and Lilith thus it will most likely be seen as explosive and/or demonic.

Aspects from Pallas

Pallas comes into play with both the new moon conjunction and the Mars Neptune conjunction.

Remember that Pallas has the characteristics of the warrior queen. There is an essence of cooperation, inspiring and working harmony. Pallas comes in demanding diplomacy and is willing to fight for what is just and right. Being in Libra, the influences will bring forth balance between polar extremes. This is a skillful sign that will focus heavily on mediation, legal processes and diplomacy.

These characteristics are in a harmonious alignment to the New Moon conjunction indicating that there will be some maturity in how both the leaders and general population deal with the turmoil that unfolds.

At the same time, we have a very strong quincunx between Pallas and the Neptune Mars conjunction. This aspect brings in the feeling that something has been left undone or left in need of adjustment or scattered or misunderstood.

This suggests that there could be some major disagreements between how the female warrior would approach the problem verses the male warrior does. We already know that the male warrior will be out of his mind driven by the emotional influences of Neptune. Thus, this aspect would suggest that the feminine warrior that wants to bring logic and reason which will be at odds with how things are unfolding.

Hindering the feminine warrior, we have Mercury in a semisquare aspect hinting that when the woman speaks up, it will be because she feels the strain of conflict that makes is necessity to speak. Unfortunately, the quincunx will make it so she is not understood.

Aspects from Ceres

This is the quintessential earth mother energy and influence. This influence is all about mothering. It is giving, caring, nurturing, comforting, parenting and working hard. This asteroid is located in Scorpio which suggests that the nurturing will be through intimacy with an emphasis on touch. This sign brings a strong sense of self-control and the ability to help others via the stability that comes with that.

There are two influences that Ceres is going to have to deal with here, that is the desire to help the masculine warrior that is under the emotional influence of Neptune, yet, at the same time, being restricted by Saturn.

What comes to mind in this situation is that we’ll get to witness some fight that will touch our hearts where we want to help someone by actually reaching out to give them a hug, but Saturn steps up to force separation so that it can’t be delivered.

Now that we see what’s in play, let’s take a look at where the main points of focus are.

Earth Placement of Planets

Key Locations

Sun & Moon

This conjunction is located in south central Indian ocean yet aligns northward through western India, the tip of north eastern Pakistan, the edge of China up through eastern Kazakhstan. The point of opposition is centered just west of Mexico City, half way towards the coast, north through the Texas panhandle into eastern Colorado and western South Dakota.

Because the overall influences on this conjunction talk about agitation, expect the point of opposition to be where the energy manifests.

Mars & Neptune

This conjunction is centered near the Solomon Islands and extends northward to the western Bering Sea. The point of opposition is the western coast of Africa with the center near Sierra Leone and Guinea. This extends north to the area between Iceland and the UK.

Keep in mind that the Sun Moon conjunction makes a nearly perfect square with the Mars Neptune conjunction. Expect that there will be a powerful effect along the line of opposition and that the energy is a fist fight type of energy rather than all out war.

Uranus, Eris & Lilith

This triple conjunction is centered just east of Hawaii yet extends north towards Anchorage Alaska. Eris is very slow moving and centered south of the Island of Hawaii. Uranus which is perfectly conjunct Lilith is nearly directly aligned with Anchorage. The point of opposition is over Northern Zambia, western Tanzania and eastern DRC. It extends north through Sudan, eastern Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine to just west of Moscow Russia.

Note that on the 30th of Nov Venus was in perfect opposition to Uranus and we saw a 7-point earthquake in Anchorage Alaska. That configuration is waning with Uranus, yet building with Lilith.


This planet is just coming out of retrograde and is standing to turn direct. Its direct location is just off the eastern coast of Madagascar and extends northward through Oman, Iran, Turkmenistan, the westernmost parts of Uzbekistan and western Kazakhstan. The point of opposition is in the Pacific Ocean which extends northward through northern California’s Bay Area into Oregon aligning with Seattle.

This seems to hint that the west coast of the US will be in the news. Technical centers include the bay area and Seattle which could play roles in this.


Venus is over Northern Zambia, western Tanzania and eastern DRC. It extends north through Sudan, eastern Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine to just west of Moscow Russia. Its point of opposition aligns with Anchorage Alaska.

If the explosive revelations that Uranus Lilith and Eris funnel through to Venus (which is the opposition location), expect all the ‘fixing’ and ‘adjusting’ that will need to happen will come from the Venus activation line.


Still steady over Indian Ocean extending northward through Pakistan, Afghanistan to Central Kazakhstan. Opposition point, Mexican Baja northward through Arizona up into Utah and western Wyoming.

This planet is not really triggered at this time.


Still over Indian Ocean extending northward through western Malaysia, along the boarder of Thailand and Myanmar continuing into central China and Mongolia.

Saturn doesn’t seem to play a large role at this time.


Stable just off the western coast of Australia extending north just east of Jakarta Indonesia, along the eastern edge of Vietnam into central China and Mongolia. The opposition point is directly over the Dominican Republic. That influence extends north into Main and then southward through western Venezuela, western Brazil and nearly all of Chile.

This planet is activated in a subtle way. The transformation seems to be just off the east coast of the US.


The central location here is located over the west coast of Gabon Africa. It extends northward through Niger, Libya and Italy nearly over Rome. It continues north nearly to Berlin and Copenhagen Denmark. Opposition point is west of Hawaii aligning with the mid Aleutian Islands.

The warrior goddess has her sights set on central Europe. Expect diplomacy to be attempted here.


This asteroid has been fairly stable with its central influence just off the eastern coast of Tanzania. It is aligned through Ethiopia, Mecca Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Syrian border, eastern Turkey and Russia (east of Moscow). Opposition point, Alaskan panhandle.

Remember that this is the nurturing energy for this report motherly energy should be associated with the above locations.


The center is in Western Australia and extends northward through central Indonesia, the Philippines, eastern edge of China (Taiwan and Shanghai). The opposition location is east of Puerto Rico and extends southward through Guyana, central Brazil down to Uruguay.

Remember that Vesta is Jupiter’s sister and the energy is in play against Venus.


Holding steady over the Marshall Islands (south central Pacific Ocean). The opposition point is over Togo and Benin Africa. The influence extends northward through central Algeria into Eastern Spain, western France and into the UK just west of London.

This asteroid is relatively calm for this time period, but it does represent the wounded healer. There could be some hurt felt along this line, or pain that goes deep.


Central location Pacific Ocean aligning with north Vancouver Island Canada. The point of opposition is the Somalia Coast and extends north through eastern Yemen, Saudi Arabia near Bahrain, Qatar, Iran near Tehran and through the Caspian Sea.

This asteroid seems to be in play energizing Pluto.


The next date that I’m looking towards is the Full Moon of December. I will post an overview of that as time permits.

Please comment, if you are so moved to do so.



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  1. Pretty thorough report, and also kind of scary, considering that the USS Stennis aircraft carrier group is going to arrive in the area around Iran that you highlight in “Key Locations” – and given what you also wrote about the Mars/Neptune conjunction and Uranus/Eris/Lilith…plus, Dec.7th is the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. This blogger wrote about it here, and he dug up some pretty interesting links:

    Hopefully it’s all just a coincidence; but just in case, the more people that are aware of it, the better chance it has of being exposed and countered. This is one of those perfect marriages of real-world events, astrology and numerology that the cabal drools over, and it’s happening at a time when they would do anything to take the heat off of themselves.

    Thanks again for this, it is work like yours that illuminates the literal “signs of the times” so all can see more clearly how, when, and why things happen *before* they happen, so we can prepare!

    1. Hi Anthony, Thanks for commenting. I’ve been reviewing the time around Christmas. Hopefully, the Chaos that’s coming will be manageable. Interesting site you linked too.

  2. Great report! But it sounds like we have some very intense times coming. Your report makes a lot of sense to me in terms of what I am hearing online. We will have to make it through somehow. I have read other astrologers reports and I feel you understand much more about what is happening now than most. Thanks.

  3. Good, thorough article. Thanks! I have been looking for the Semolina Coast, but expect this may be a typo? We have the Spaghetti Junction here on our motorways in the UK, but that is not near the sea! Kind Regards, Pete

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